What are the Top 6 Festivals in Ireland?

Ireland is a popular tourist destination as there have been a recorded 7,604,400 visitors from overseas. This has been a part of the shocking 8% increase in tourism since the previous year. Although, the reason why there are so many visitors to Ireland is not shocking in the least. The country is filled with stunning landscapes, delicious domestically made Irish beer, along with the yearly festivals that take place.

To plan a proper trip to Ireland having some knowledge about when the best time for you is to go along with that kind of events are going on during the time is essential. Though if you enjoy a lively festival filled with an array of Irish dishes, people, and culture- then having some information on the most exciting festivals might help!

Listed below are the top 6 festivals that takes place in Ireland and what they encompass.

1. Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival

This festival is heavily derived from a tradition that was created by farmers decades ago. After the farmers finished a harvest and gathered their crops, they began looking for partners to help with the workload and keep them company. Which aid in the creation of the Lisdoonvarna Matchmaking Festival. Although times have changed and more diversity if being seen at the festival. For starters, there are two versions of this festival – one that follows the tradition more closely and the LGBTA version, which is held during the same time span in September or the beginning of October and has been dubbed as the biggest same-sex coupling event in the world!

2. Kilkenny Arts Festival

Art lovers should rejoice in knowing that there has been a festival created that is purely devoted to showing the different art forms in Ireland. Originally, it was created by a band of musicians who wanted everybody to see there was more to the country than drinking and sightseeing. Due to its popularity, the event has been pushed to last for nine days and for the event to be hosted at the Kilkenny Castle on its 40th anniversary.

3. Dublin St. Patrick’s Day Parada

This parade is one of the most well known globally. It begins either on March 17th or the days following it, but it should be known that this event is not always held on St. Patrick’s Day for one reason or another. This is the best chance to witness Ireland in its pure, unrestricted form. From the Irish music, food, and the dancing – you will truly feel like a resident of the country instead of a visitor for a week.

4. Killgorin, County Kerry – Puck Fair

There is probably no other place in the world where you can witness a goat being crowned king by a young local schoolgirl other than in Ireland. This festival is a tradition that is held from August 10th – 12th. One popular guess from where this tale was created from was the story of a male goat (also known as a puck), that somehow saved the local village from being plundered by a group of menacing raiders.

5. Country Cork – Redhead Convention

Despite the endless tales of redheads being the cause of bad luck – Ireland loves to celebrate their brightly colored redheads in a festival that started a little over a decade ago. While the convention started off as a measly joking idea between two siblings – it has grown into an exciting three days event that spans over August 22nd- 24th.

6. Galway Oyster Festival

While oysters are not a popular food choice, in Ireland there is a whole festival dedicated to the tastiness of oysters. Although, if the clammed snack is not your cup of tea, – there are loads o other seafood options that you can choose from as you start your journey of eating your way through Irish delicacies.

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