Vodafone Launches 5G in Ireland

The expansion of 5G mobile bandwidth has become a priority for all significant telecommunications provider in first-world nations. One of these providers is Vodafone, who has rapidly begun launching its 5G services across the European Union and the United Kingdom. Their the first significant telecommunications provider to start offering this mobile data bandwidth, which is 10x faster than LTE. It’s anticipated that downloads of 1Gb to 1.5 Gb will take anywhere from 20 to 23 seconds for download and installation. Subsequently, it will drastically change how consumers approach their lives with cellular devices.

The first testing site in Ireland was at the Dublin Airport, where consumers could try out the bandwidth speeds on testing devices. Responses proved to be favourable, with Vodafone rushing to install their 5G Communication Services nationwide. After three months of continuous development, the bandwidth is available to all major and minor cities across Ireland. It should also be noted that the Dublin International Airport was the first facility of its kind to offered 5G Service.

Vodafone’s Expansion

The 5G Roaming Bandwidth is available across the European Union. Customers travelling across the continental-society will have access to their roaming capabilities in 100 Towns/Cities in Germany, Italy, and Spain. These significant metropolises are acting as databank centres, where speeds are at their highest, including Madrid, Rome, London, and Munich. It’s estimated that roughly 4,300 customers are switching over to the new bandwidth weekly in the European Union. However, numbers are considerably lower in the United Kingdom, with weekly averages at 1,900 acquisitions. Vodafone believes that as the technology becomes more commonplace, everyone on the telecommunications grid will switch over.

There is another factor that is slowing down Vodafone’s expansion of the 5G network. There are hardly any devices available on the market that support this bandwidth. When looking at the European Union and the United Kingdom, there are only twelve devices available. The top-rated ones include the Samsung Galaxy S10 5G, Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ 5G, and the Samsung Galaxy Fold 5G. It should be noted that purchasing any of these devices will cost substantial figures, upwards of 800 Euros or more. There’s a good chance that the popularity of Vodafone’s 5G network won’t increase until Apple releases their 5G-Compatible iPhone. Their release of a 5G iPhone isn’t slated to be for another two years. Until then, Android will be the only competing software providing this network.

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