Touring the Famous Irish Whiskey Mills

The Scots seem to have competition in terms of whiskey as Irish whiskey is finally coming back into the light as one of the fastest growing beverages in the world. Even though the 20th century seems to be the end of whiskey drinking – a modern audience of millennials and older are enjoying the classic drink even more since it is being offered in an array of unique and delicious flavours. The new distillery that is opening in Ireland is marketing towards a younger audience while the older ones are making changes to keep their brand in competition with the more modern facilities.

County Kerry, Dingle Distillery

The stunning building that is Dingle Distillery, which is more westward, is standing high and mighty in its beautiful scenic location filled with nature and the sound of the wind. Despite being new in the world of the classic beverage, the owners are the furthest things from being considered newbies in this growing industry, as they have been known to craft some of the strongest and tastiest Irish beer while in Dublin. This distillery is focused on quality over quality as they only produce two casks of their drinks a day.

Country Offaly, Tullamore Dew

While the manufacturing part of Tullamore Dew is located in a plant outside of Tullamore that features some of the most intense security around – the centre where visitors can visit is in the heart of the town and is known as one of the main attractions. Located in an older whiskey warehouse, the visitor centre is filled with unique facts tools used over the years to produce whiskey. If anything, the warehouse was upgraded to resemble of functional whiskey production centre from the reddish glow that can be coming from the malting room that is used to simulate burning coal, to the tasting session set up which encourages lively chatter.

County Carlow, Walsh Distillery

The Walsh Distillery is a name to be reckoned with as they have a recorded number of 65,000 annual bottle capacity on the dot. During the tour, guides are known to encourage visitors to get a truly authentic feeling as they should sniff and touch their journey to the entire distillery process. The modern and unique design of the distillery just enforces the fact that is has been the first one to ever be built in County Carlow for the last 200 years, which also shows its quickly growing popularity with the residents. No matter how nice the outside and interior of the distillery is – the whiskey is still controlled manually with machines. The end of the tour of the distality will always end of a glace and walkthrough of “The Irishman Founders Reserves” which features rolling green hills.

Kilkenny City, The Dylan Whisky

The Victorian-esque style building where the Dylan Whisky Distillery is located is just eight years old. Located in the Marble City’s updated John Street, this distillery makes up for its young age thanks to the array of whisky brands it has in its collection. For around €20 you can sample the delicious, simple malt, their selected brand of the month along with another whisky that has in their collection of over 200. The bar staff is filled with extremely well-trained members that can help the decisions of which whisky to try, along with providing some additional information about the brand as well. It’s obvious the distillery main muse is Bob Dylan – though the reason they currently use the Scottish spelling of whiskey will always be a mystery.

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