Total Coronavirus Cases Exceed 1900 in Ireland

The resurgence of COVID-19 in Ireland & Northern Ireland has been extensive. These two nations have struggled to curb the spread of coronavirus in recent weeks, with the commonwealth-established Ireland announcing 617 confirmed cases on from October 8th to 9th. Within those 24 hours, there were also five additional deaths to the virus. This brings the commonwealth nations to a total of 40,703 cases of coronavirus & 1,821 deaths.

Total cases in Ireland are considering higher than their northern brothers. However, the north has struggled to ascertain COVID-19 in recent weeks & has begun seeing higher daily infections. Between October 8th to October 9th, Northern Ireland saw an additional 1000+ cases of coronavirus. Throughout the last several days there have been 5,272 COVID-19 infections in the north. 1,080 of those infections were between October 8th to October 9th. However, the coronavirus hasn’t killed any civilians from Northern Ireland. All have healed from this virus.

Further outbreaks throughout Northern Ireland will leave the independent nation overwhelmed. There are fifteen ICU Beds throughout the north, with sixteen civilians currently requiring ICU care because of COVID-19. That doesn’t account for the additional personnel in need of extensive medical care.

Commonwealth Ireland handed over detailed statistics regarding their infections. This enables civilians to ascertain better the hotspots located nation-wide, and adeptly avoid those areas. Read below for point form statistics.

Gender & Age Details

  • 310 infected males, 307 infected females.
  • 73% of confirmed cases were below 45 Years of Age.
  • Close contact with friends & family resulted in 33% of confirmed cases.
  • Community transmission accounted for 72 cases in Ireland.

Cases Per County

  • Dublin County Infections: 123.
  • Cork County Cases: 107.
  • Meath County Infections: 42.
  • Kerry County Cases: 36.
  • Galway County Infections: 35.
  • 21 Remaining Counties: 274.

Ireland’s Department of Health issued a warning through their Chief Medical Officer, Doctor Tony Holohan. CMO Tony Holohan advised that the continued deterioration of cubing efforts will overwhelm the ICU. Details were provided, noting that over 24-hours there were an additional 32 hospitalizations & eight admissions into the ICU. Two more days of similar transmissions would result in Ireland ICUs becoming overwhelmed. Ireland’s Department of Health is advising that civilians practice extreme social distancing manoeuvres.

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