The Women of Irish Rugby

The saying goes that behind every successful man is a woman, so who are the women backing the current number one team in the world as they enter the RWC, aiming for a glorious victory for Ireland. These ladies are superheroes in their own right, and except for exceptional beauty, they are also bringing brilliant brains and a superbly glamorous style with them.

Jess Redden

The beauty standing beside the 33-year-old Rob Kearney is a student in pharmaceuticals and a fitness model. Even though they have been dating for more than five years, the couple has managed to remain outside of the spotlight. Kearney refers to his relationship with Redden as perfect, and he is proud of his hardworking girlfriend. She already has a degree in psychology but was inspired to become a pharmacist after she overcame kidney failure during 2016.

Jean-Marie Stander

The wife of CJ Stander and sister to Ryk Neethling, Olympic gold medallist for South Africa, is a professional athlete in own right. She has been competing in professional swimming, representing her native country. She is also a law graduate and mother to their baby girl, Everly. The Standers moved to Ireland in 2012 and became residents of the country, which allows CJ to run onto the field for Ireland.

Laura Priestley

They met while still teenagers in Dublin and 2013 the 34-year-old Johnny Sexton made his childhood sweetheart his wife. The couple has three children. Their son Luca is six, and the two little girls are the three-year-old Amy and baby Sophie was born a couple of months ago. Priestley is a teacher and decided to stay out of the spotlight to keep her, and her children’s lives private despite her hubby’s fame.

Jessica Moloney

She is born in Belgium, she is a solicitor in Cork, and she is engaged Peter O’Mahony, the 29-year-old flanker from Munster. They have been dating for quite a while and finally, he surprised her in Dubai last year with an engagement ring. The couple has two children, a daughter called Indie, and their son is named Theo. Even though they are tight-lipped about the wedding date, Moloney has been very busy trying on wedding dresses, and it is expected that the time is set soon after the RWC.

Ellen Beirne

The lady on the sideline cheering on her childhood sweetheart, Garry Ringrose. The couple is both 24 years old and has been dating for a couple of years. Beirne is currently busy with her master’s degree in Dietetics. Both of them are studying at the University College of Dublin. Ringrose is busy with his Business and Law Degree between rugby practices.

Joanna Cooper

If her name rings a bell, it is maybe because Cooper was the 2015 Miss Universe Ireland winner. Not only is this beauty a working model, but she also studied Journalism. The man she is cheering on from the sidelines is Conor Murray, scrumhalf from Munster. The couple lives in different cities, but they find the commute easy and see each other often.

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