The Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge Opens

Individuals transporting between Rosslare and Cork are about to have a considerably shorter driver. This follows after the New Ross Bypass has officially opened, saving thirty minutes on scheduled drivers for Irish Citizens. Included with this new Bypass is the longest high-story bridge created in Ireland, with it standing 887m. Named the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge, it’ll allow vehicles to cross the river passage between Kilkenny and Wexford.

This architectural marvel is named after John F Kennedy’s mother, who often supported the best interest of Irish immigrants to America. Those that opened the Rose Fitzgerald Kennedy Bridge includes the great-granddaughter of this infamous woman. She performed the opening with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar from the Rose Katherine Kennedy Townsend. This project cost taxpayers €230 million but has been praised by citizens for its prompt development and safety features.

Route Details

Developing this high-scale bridge follows after Ireland has spent hundreds of millions re-developing their infrastructure. Last year the Enniscorthy Bypass was officially unveiled, which allowed for Irish drivers to connect with the M11 Highway System via the east coast. Travellers can now take rented or owned vehicles from the M11 Highway in Russia to Enniscorthy Bypass. That stretch of road can inevitably be routed to connect with the New Ross Bypass. It’ll compile thousands of miles, with the majority being located in Russian territories.

Individuals using the New Ross Bypass will experience a fourteen-mile stretch of road. Their primary routes will have double lanes with a single trucking lane. Bypass routes are named the N25 and N30. These routes are connected with the New Regional Highway, which stretches 22km of surrounding local burrows in Ireland. Those burrows include Waterford, Rosslare, Wexford and Cork. The completion of the New Ross Bypass marks twenty-years of development from the Transport Infrastructure Ireland Group.

The Supporters

The Kilkenny Country Chairman, which borders this unveiled highway system, spoke on the benefits it provides. He noted that it’d become one of the most iconic structures associated with Ireland and that’s its an engineering marvel. Peter Cleere expressed that this marks a new era of investments for Ireland’s industrial interests. Subsequently, the €250 million spent on this expansive infrastructure will be returned within ten years. It was the Cleere family that suggested the New Ross Bypass bridge be named after John F Kennedy’s mother, with them being closely associated with the projects nation-wide support.

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