The Most Watched Spectator Sports in Ireland

Of all the many beloved sports played in Ireland, a few stand out as the favourites when it comes to drawing spectators to the stadiums. Here is the list of the top 5.


Gaelic and Hurling are making a close run for the position of number one in the list. They are both controlled by the GAA, and even though they are much alike, they are different. Gaelic is a traditional Irish sport with a unique character. It brings much entertainment for both the fans as well as the players. In Gaelic football players are allowed to use either their feet or their hands to get a ball into the nets or as in American football, over a bar.


Hurling is much the same as Gaelic, but in this game, players have a much smaller ball to play with, and they have stuck in the shape of a hook to handle the ball. These sticks are referred to as hurleys. They use the hurleys to hit the ball, which often results in it travelling across the entire pitch, giving it a reputation as probably the fastest in the world when it comes to field sports. Both Gaelic and Hurling is played with much traditional pride and therefore draw large groups of spectators. From Club games to school sports, both gather up the masses.


Not unique to Ireland, yet in great support by the Irish people. Sometimes even outperforming both Hurling and Gaelic, depending on the specific region. During provincial matches, the spectators are spoiled with a great atmosphere of competition and glory. The Irish passion for rugby is driving their international team to success with consistently ranking under the top teams in the world. Regardless of whether it is next to the field or inside their favourite sports pub, Ireland is always backing their organizations with firm support.


Being the birthplace of names like Graeme McDowell and Rory McIlroy is already serving as a statement to the support and love that the Irish have for this sporting pastime. Ireland offers magnificent courses set in the most breath-taking natural settings winning the favour of many other golfing stars, including Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson. The world recognized the Irish contribution to this elegant sport by awarding them the opportunity to show off their passion by hosting the 2019 Open. Soon the best golfers will compete on one of Irelands finest, set in Northern Ireland, at Royal Portrush Golf Club.


Even though soccer is the most loved sport in the world, it isn’t Ireland’s most popular sport, but they still have a strong passion and support for the game. The Irish soccer clubs are often serving as feeders to other great English Premier League teams. The Irish supporters of the game are as known as energetic fans globally. The French awarded the Irish soccer supporters in 2016 for their spirit of happiness which they bring. Wherever a soccer game is played, you will be enticed to be part of an energizing atmosphere.

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