The 5 Most Beautiful Places to visit in Ireland

Ireland is well-known for four things: Saint Patrick, Guinness beer, incredible food, and their beautiful landmarks. Many lovers of the outdoors and culture would find Ireland at the top of their bucket list of places to visit. Since the country offers thousands of acres of beautiful and undisturbed nature, small-scale villages that are filled with decades worth of history, and stunning seaside cliff views that are only seen in movies – its become a beacon for travellers.
Here is a compiled list of the top 5 most beautiful places to visit in Ireland, alongside some history about each place to give it even more character.

Cliffs of Moher

The Cliffs of Moher is known to be most of the most popular landmarks that tourists and Irish citizens visit over the years. The cliffs are a towering 214 meters, or 702 feet, over the Atlantic Ocean and are found in western Ireland. The cliffs offer one of the coastal walks due to them spanning from the nearby historical and classic village of Doolin to the green and rocky Hags Head.

Which means people who want to visit the cliffs are also in store for seeing some of the iconic village life that has been prevalent in Ireland’s rich history. The Cliffs of Moher gives some of the eye-dazzling views as they stretch over the Galway Bay and the Northern Maum Turk Mountains. Furthermore, these cliffs offer whoever visits them an incredible view of the dazzling deep blue sea that anyone can get lost staring into.

Ring of Kerry

Also dubbed as being one of Irelands most scenic trails, the Ring of Kerry spans over 120 miles through some of the unreal landscapes that Ireland has to offer. A few of the landmarks being: bountiful meadows of the most beautiful greens, freezing glacial lakes full of pure white ice, along with dazzling heather-topped mountains that change along with the seasons.

No matter what time of year you go – you’ll always be able to find a view that you’ll like while tracking through the Ring of Kerry. Plus, if you’re looking to visit some of Ireland’s historical landmarks – you can find the Killarney National Park on the Ring of Kerry trail. This national park is home to the World Heritage bishop reserve, which is where the 15th century Ross castle is located, along with an abundance of red deer that you can peacefully observe.

Skellig Islands

Irelands Skellig Islands is a sight that can stun whoever comes across it. It can be located off Ireland’s popular Ring of Kerry trail. The Skellig Islands is a rock mound formation that rises from the sea and off the Portmagee coast.

Moreover, there are actually two islands, which are both located near one another: Little Skellig and Skellig Michael – which are both home to an impressive amount of wild bird life that can be viewed on occasion while they are flying in flocks. Visitors should keep an eye out for Black Guillemots, Razorbills, and Gannets as they are climbing the intensively steep 600-step climb to get a view of the islands.

Glenveagh National Park

The Glenveagh National Park is Ireland’s second largest national park with a range of 14,000 acres of pure and natural beauty. This park is ideal for hikers who crave stunning views and a fun terrain to track and fishermen who would want a catch a few of the plentiful fish species there, such as salmon and trout.

Moreover, the history buffs can get their fill as the Glenveagh Castle is in the park as well. Plus, this park is home to a growing number of wildlife such as the red deer which can be spotted all over, and the almost extinct Golden Eagle which was reintroduced in 2000 and is currently thriving happily.


Many tourists and Irish residents alike love going to Glendalough as a lovely and scenic day trip. This landmark is also known as the “Valley of Two Lakes” due it being in the centre of two beautiful and clear lakes. This stunning area is in the centre of the Wicklow Mountains National Park is features an array of grassy green fields, stunning and clear lakes, and a plethora of rolling hillsides that give you that true authentic Irish feeling.

In addition,Glendalough is filled with history as it was home to a 16th-century Christian settlement founded by St. Kevil – and it still is home to some impressively kept remains of that time.

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