Some Great Irish Sports Bars in Dublin

The Irish Pub has been playing a central role in Irish history for ages. It is a place of friendship and camaraderie; a jovial get together where all our friends and the drinks are mighty beautiful. Where there is some good grub to snack on while watching your team either win or lose on the big screen. It is a place where people meet to socialize and banter, to appreciate life and put some money sometimes where their mouths are. Some of these spots are monumental in Irish history. Here is a list of some you need to visit for the full Irish sports bar experience.

The Bleeding Horse

The Bleeding Horse in Camden Street Upper is more than just a sports bar. It plays centre stage in Sheridan Le Fanu’s and James Joyce’s Ulysses novel that was titled The Cock and Anchor, published in 1845. This sports bar was established in 1649 and are of vital historical importance. It started off being situated on the corner of two main roads leading out of the city. These roads however disappeared during a renovation process which occurred in 1990. With no absolute certainty about the origin of the name, the simplified explanation is that during the Battle of Rathmines in 1649, there was an incident where a bleeding horse escaped from the battlefield. Today the pub is still a great meeting place to watch sports.

The Back Page

Situated in Phibsborough Road, this bar is the place to relax when you have nothing else to do. Named in 2016 as Ireland’s Best Sporting Pub in the National Hospitality Awards of 2016. They have plenty of space for the kids to play with a console room where FIFA can be performed. The café offers food and drinks and a touch of comfort with some board games available to patrons. A large venue is available for live sports with plenty of display with four large screens. If you only came here for the company and to catch your breath, chill for a while in their hammocks and feel the Irish atmosphere.

The Living Room

Keen on watching your favourite sport on the most prominent outdoor screen in all of Dublin; then The Living Room is the place to be. Enjoy a perfect wood-fired pizza in their beer garden and sip on some local Irish brew. They were named during the 2016 Sky Bar Awards as the best choice to watch a match at in Dublin. Situated on Cathal Brugha Street, you should visit them.

The Mercantile

Home to Everton and Arsenal supporters clubs, The Mercantile on Dame Street is another part of Irish heritage which featured in James Joyce’s literary work of Ulysses, as the workplace of the protagonist. With nine screens and great deals on matchday food and drink orders, this is one of the best sports pubs in Dublin. Sports, beer, bars and a taste for life, sports bars reflect a great deal of the Irish identity.

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