Slainte! Brass-Filled, Lantern-Lit Pub and Meeting Place for Historic Rebels

The oldest pub took over from the hostelry that was there until 1197 and therefore its logo indicates the existence of the Brazen Head in Dublin is since 1198, either way, it is Ireland’s oldest place where friends get together to enjoy a drink or two. The building was the Coaching Inn in 1754 and documents regarding The Brazen Head goes back as far as 1653. Interestingly a 1750’s advertisement found recently reads that Christopher Quin has fitted the Brazen Head with a neat, commodious cellar and accommodations in Bridge Street.

Bridge Street, which is still where the Brazen Head is located in the area from where Dublin got its name since the Irish name is Baile Atha Cliath for Dublin and it means Town of the Ford of the Reed Hurdles. Right beside the pub is the bridge called Father Matthew’s bridge, which crosses the river Liffey.

1773 up to 1778 – Robert Emmet

It was here where the Rising of 1798 was planned as Robert Emmet. The United Irishman used the pub for all his planning. It was his prime location, firstly the Brazen Head was very close to the Castle of Dublin and secondly, he liked plotting against the British Rule at the pub. The Brazen Head was close to the law courts and churches which made it a hotspot for gossip and the perfect place for passing strangers.

It is also here where Emmet stayed in a room that offered him a view that enabled him to spot the possible approach of the enemies. He was hanged in September 1803 after his rebellion failed and after leading the revolution against the rule of the British, which is why he was also beheaded in Thomas Street after founded guilty of high treason.

1890 to 1922 Michael Collins

The Brazen Head was not only the pub Robert Emmet like, but it was also used by Michael Collins for his meetings. The pub was nearly distorted during the 1916 Easter Rising as well as during the 1922 war since in both cases it was near the area where fierce fighting took place. Troops fired during the Civil War from just outside the pub, and there is still a collection of photographs displayed in the pub of this period.

The Brazen Head Now Has A Reputation for Excellent Food

It is well-deserved this reputation it has for serving both contemporary and traditional dishes. Everyone in Dublin or even Ireland agrees that the Irish stews and other traditional stews at The Brazen Head are simply the best and most delicious.

Great Food, Awesome Meeting Place & The Best Live Music

It is at The Brazen Head where the best musicians can be found at the pub host the Irish traditional music not easily found elsewhere and depending on the night you get to visit the pub. You might just get a chance to sing-along.

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