Protests Throughout Ireland for Left-Wing Government

Hundreds of Irish citizens have begun their massive protests throughout Dublin, with the demonstrations starting on March 7th on Dublin. These protests are slated around removing Fianna Fail & Fine Gail from office, with demands requesting that a left-wing government be implemented. More than several hundred individuals are publicly opposing a right-wing government, with those numbers slated to grow higher in the coming weeks.

These protests were organized through the Solidarity Peoples Before Profit. They’ve demanded substantial change regarding the government, which follows after government coalition conversations continue in Northern Ireland. The Dublin protests were held at the “Garden of Remembrance”, where numerous individual performed public speeches to the hundreds of protesters. It should be noted that even with these public protests, there’s still a substantial chance that a government coalition with Fianna Fail and Fine Gael is possible.

Representatives from SPBP mentioned that changes must be made concerning parliament, that refusal to do so will create substantial problems throughout Northern Ireland communities. These same representatives noted that change comes from citizens, with both woman and slaves having to fight for their newfound freedom. The people of Northern Ireland will need to do the same regarding this government coalition.

One issue that follows the government coalition in Northern Ireland’s history is the water legislation, which inevitably would be abolished following the thousands protesting throughout multiple streets. It took various protests to have the government revert their water charge legislation, with the people taking control of their Eighth Amendment. Instead of allowing the government to implement the water charges, they were instead forced to alter their views on Irish Women after young people created a substantial campaign. It terminated the regressive amendment against these women.

One Political Speech

An individual by the name of Murphy spoke to these several hundred protesters. Murphy expressed that regardless if Fianna Fail and Fine Gail are implemented into government, they’ll be forced out for their limited knowledge with climate change and current political issues. It follows after historical evidence revealed that both of these individuals represent substantial polluters in Ireland.

This includes fossil fuel companies, logging corporations and agricultural businesses that don’t follow Eco-Friendly solutions. Having these individuals in government would create substantial issues for the Northern Ireland environment. We’ll keep our readers informed if either of these individuals is elected with the upcoming government coalition.

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