Problem Gambling Some of The Legendary Tales

One of the two great concerns, when involved in gambling, is losing control over your gambling involvement. The other is losing your money. Sometimes in the gambling world, gambling addicts get so out of control that they make the news. Often these are just the stories of ordinary people caught up in a sad reality.

Escaping Prison

This is the story of such an addict who spun out of control when he recently stole chips at the Rainbow Casino. The Aberdeen police arrested Mahmudul Hasan, a 48-year old gambler. He was already banned from English gambling establishments when he stole these chips on Scottish territory.

After playing a game of blackjack earlier on, he took a box of chips stored at the table without being noticed and left the casino with it hidden under his jacket. Only to return later on and cashing some of them into the amount of £700. When the staff realized that the box is missing, he was long gone but cameras followed his trail and he was later on arrested and the remainder of the box found in a garbage bin where he disposed of it.

His claims of stealing this due to his gambling addiction saved him from jail time and he was sentenced to a mere 135 work hours without any pay. Considering that this was a victimless crime it all seems fair, yet there is no indication of whether he is going to get assistance to overcome this problem and avoid future crimes.

Unpayable Debts

Another story of the sheer devastation which gambling causes in your life is the one of Tony O’Reilly, former postmaster in Carlow, Ireland. Now the subject of the book by Declan Lynch called Tony 10 which was Tony’s online gambling persona. His story is one of the debts which will never be repayable. His turnover at Paddy Power amounted to €10 million when he got arrested for stealing €1.75 from his employers.

This is the story of the destruction which can be part of online gambling. Tony mentioned that nobody suspected what he is busy with since he wasn’t wasting his time away in casinos. All that he has done was happening online. His online crowd also never told him to slow down, rather Paddy Power would invite him to more events and opportunities to spend money. In the end, it leads to the destruction of the person and a staggering debt which he will never be able to repay during his entire life.

His case made the news because although he is not the only nor the first person to steal from his employer, normally people can repay their debts and don’t get reported. He will never be able to do that. Tony remembers moments of desperation and the constant belief that if he gambles one more time it would be the last time, the one which will take him out of his debt. It is thought patterns like these which keep the gambling addict in the web and eventually leads to destruction, jail time and unpayable debts.

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