Phase Five of COVID Restrictions Terminated in Ireland

Ireland is entering their 5th Phase of Lifted Coronavirus Restrictions, allowing its civilians to traverse the nation with minor limitations. This announcement came after Ireland’s Taoiseach had confirmed that COVID-19 had successfully been flattened & stopped throughout Ireland, which is thanks to the valiant efforts of Irish civilians. The 5th Phase wasn’t slated to begin until August 10th, with that date being dropped to July 20th. Employed personnel will be permitted to return to Non-Essential Duties, while Irish Pubs can be reopened. Exceptional circumstances can permit the July 20th date to decrease towards June 27th, with those attributes governed by their essential societal requirements.

Most Irish Pubs would’ve avoided the July 20th reopening date, moving towards the June 27th timeframe by implementing a loophole in the Lifted Coronavirus Restrictions. This loophole pertained towards the hospitality industry, with dining services enabled to open earlier than alcoholic bars. Locations deemed to maintain liquor exclusively would’ve added additional items to their menu, entering the hospitality category & advancing towards the June 27th date.

Breaking down this information reveals that Ireland is restarting its economy three weeks earlier than anticipated. This has prompted medical advisors in Northern & Southern Ireland to warn their civilians, requesting they remain vigilant to ensure that the COVID-19 curve remains flattened. The chances of this happening are minimal, as corporations & local businesses would have to implement social distancing measures on their own accords. Multiple civilians wouldn’t be willing to agree by those standards, forcing limited profits onto these local businesses. Subsequently, those permitted into these facilities will reach full capacity & exceed the two-metre distancing recommended by world health experts.

Confirmed Dates

It should be noted that additional restrictions being lifted apply towards Playgrounds, Schools, Travelling Radius, and Tourism. Civilians in Ireland will be permitted to travel anywhere in their borders without stoppages, while Playgrounds for children will reopen by June 8th. The Tourism Sector is reopening in by June 29th, allowing for international tourists to resume their vacations in Ireland. It should be mentioned that most COVID-19 restrictions are being lifted by June 29th in Ireland, including the closure of schools.

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