Northern Ireland & Scotland Bridge Development Receives Backlash

Multiple individuals are protesting a new proposal which would see Northern Ireland and Scotland be connected via a bridge. This would require a substantial engineering foot across the Celtic Crossing, with experts determining that this concept is unrealistic. Boris Johnson has continuously proposed ridiculous idea’s that are financially or physically feasible. It’s estimated that this project could cost at the minimum, £20 billion to taxpayers across the United Kingdom. Experts protesting this concept have expressed that UK citizens haven’t taken this matter seriously and that it could propose serious risks moving forward.

People haven’t been taking this proposal seriously because of the inaccuracy that follows with Boris Johnson, with the Great Britain Prime Minister often being indecisive toward numerous matters other than Brexit. Individuals must separate their resentment from Boris Johnson and begin discussing the unrealistic logistics of this project. It could create countless engineering, architectural and economic problems for the United Kingdom. Considering that the United Kingdom is facing an economic downfall after Brexit on February 1st, this project could cement the financial destruction of the UK.

Boris Johnson’s Unrealistic Dream

Multiple spokesmen with the British prime minister’s office has confirmed that they’re seriously looking into the proposed Scotland-Northern Ireland Bridge. These confirmations extended to the HS2 High-Speed Railway, with both projects slated to have horrendous working conditions that could see multiple employees pass away. It was initially proposed that the Bridge Route would begin from the Mull of Kintyre, which would extend to the Antrim Coast. Experts working with Boris Johnson have determined that the bridge is best suited to start from the Port-Patrick Village to Larne. This has immediately caused concerns for citizens at Port Patrick, with them worried that fishing harbours would be drastically affected by the respective pollution from this bridge.

Individuals from the Port Patrick Village, including the Vice Chairman for the Community Benefit Society, expressed that this idea is currently unmanageable. This is because the road infrastructure hasn’t been created and the funds aren’t available to Boris Johnson. He noted that this is a pipe dream for Johnson that won’t become a reality, that with the conditions of the channel because to severe for consistent development. The Vice-Chairman believed it’d take upwards of three years for completion. Nobody is considering how busy this seaway is for boating vessels, that the water is incredibly deep and that weather conditions often create 100kmh winds or higher. This extends to 150kmh during the winter, making it impossible for this bridge to be built.

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