Northern Ireland Requiring a Four-Week Lockdown

The Covid-19 Pandemic is terrorizing Northern Ireland, with daily deaths occurring & hundreds of new cases being announced. This follows after government personnel worked diligently towards curbing the virus & eliminating cases. Civilians haven’t adopted those measures, allowing for infections to continue rising. December 14th saw five individuals die from Covid-19 & an additional 419 Irish civilians contracting the virus. This means the total volume of deaths have reached 1,129. Since Covid-19 began in March 2020, there have been more than 58 thousand cases. The most prominent outbreak for Northern Ireland began in December, with more than 3 thousand contracting coronavirus.

Patients enlisted throughout Northern Ireland’s hospitals for Covid-19 have exceeded 430, with 31 individuals located in intensive care units & 24 personnel requiring continued ventilation. The onslaught of cases has prompted cases to reach an average occupancy rate of 98%. It should be noted that 113 Elderly Homes have sustained prominent outbreaks of coronavirus, with most deaths associated to individuals aged above 65.

Medical personnel throughout Northern Ireland have clarified that lockdowns are immediately required to reverse outbreaks. Government personnel aren’t willing to implement another lockdown, with monetary growth for Northern Ireland more important. Continued enforcement of Covid-19 Social Distancing Measures is being implemented, avoiding financial losses associated to lockdowns. Most medical personnel have deemed this action foolish & immature of government leaders.

Occupancy Ratings Uncontrollable

Covid-19 Wards in Northern Ireland hospitals are expected to exceed an occupancy rating of 120% if outbreaks cannot be revered. It’d lead towards the healthcare infrastructure in Northern Ireland to collapse on itself. Nurses & Doctors wouldn’t avoid the coronavirus under the most severe of isolating conditions with an occupancy rating of 120%. Government personnel not willing to listen for the benefits of economic growth could find the economy destroyed & in ruins unless actions against Covid-19 is taken immediately.

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