Northern Ireland Flooding Ensues

The world has been facing the onslaught of Climate Change, with forest fires growing worldwide and hurricanes threating nations in the Atlantic Ocean. With the winter season upon us, there have been new cases of Climate Change. One such instance is with Northern Ireland, which has faced severe flooding over the last week. Numerous streets are unmanageable, with an average of two to five feet of water. The event has been so drastic for Northern Ireland that a state of emergency has been called, with numerous people being evacuated from their homes. However, there have been instances where individuals couldn’t leave their homes and needed to be rescued.

One Irish Citizen that needed rescuing was an 89-Year-Old Woman. Her house was flooded nearly to the second floor, with the main stairway entirely underwater. Upon waking up, she couldn’t leave her home through any upstairs windows. Age limitations forced this unnamed woman to call the Ireland Coast Guard, who rescued the woman in less than two hours. Shortly after, Fire Crews pumped the water off Oldtown Road and the subsequent houses. For now, this older woman remains with local friends until repairs can be made to her home.

This is just one of several incidents that prompted fire rescue and coast guard services to be dispatched. Another instance for immediate relief was a 74 Year Old Man, who was trapped in Ballynahinch on Lisburn Road. This street was unexpectedly flooded when street drains were overflown. This man lost control of his vehicle, spun to the side and had water rushing into his car within moments. The Fire Rescue Service rescued this man, who was nearly utterly underwater after one hour of continuous flooding.

Another incident saw a younger man aged thirty-eight get trapped in his car and was left facing a similar situation as the older man. Luckily, local fire rescue teams were able to remove the man easily with only 3 ft of fast-moving water around him. Before the rainfall, the rescue service sent out broadcasted radio and television messages informing citizens that roads will be dangerously unsafe and that houses could potentially be flooded. They were also told to remain indoors until rescue teams could reach them.

The Ireland Department of Transportation also recommended that drivers remain away from roads that are flooded more than four inches, as engines would be overrun with water and bog out after moments. Those individuals that didn’t listen were the ones who required rescuing after hours of continuous rain in Northern Ireland.

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