Northern Ireland Enforces Strict Coronavirus Protocols

Infection rates for the coronavirus are increasing in Northern Ireland. For weeks, the Northern Ireland Department of Health has worked diligently to eliminate COVID-19 & not reintroduce physical distancing protocols. October 14th marked the tipping point for the Department of Health with an immeasurable outbreak that cannot be tracked.

Twelve hundred additional cases were recorded between October 13th to 14th, with a further four deaths. ICU bedding & services have become limited in these recent outbreaks, which has forced the Northern Ireland Department of Health to implement stringent protocols around physical distancing. Refusal to abide by updated measures can result in fines worth £1,000.00.

Medical experts throughout Northern Ireland warned weeks ago that relaunching educational facilities & hospitality services would increase infections. Government leaders ignored recommendations from employed experts to combat the coronavirus. Loyalty to economic compensation instead of civilian healthcare has prompted a total of 23,155 cases of COVID-19.

The Department of Health in Northern Ireland stopped waiting for Government personnel to implement stringent physical distancing measures. Legislative authority in times of pandemics enables the DOH to overrule their Government. That’s what the Northern Ireland Department of Health engaged on October 14th and will meet with Government personnel on the 15th to enforce “Support Packages” for civilian personnel. Financial aid extends towards closed businesses under the updated measures. It’ll have angered Northern Ireland’s Prime Minister that the DOH is enforcing his Government’s compliance in COVID-19 protocols.

  • Businesses operating inside the hospitality sector must close-down. Exceptions are in-place for hotels, delivery services, and takeaway restaurants.
  • Hospitality businesses permitted to remain open must close by 11:00 pm.
  • Supermarkets cannot sell liquor after 11:00 pm.
  • Organized contact sports & indoor physical activities must shutdown.
  • Events exceeding fifteen people aren’t permitted any longer.
  • Hairdresser Salons and Makeup Artists must terminate their operations effective immediately.
  • Individual training for gyms is permitted, with classes being cancelled for the foreseeable future.
  • Religious institutions can remain open under the condition that physical distancing & facemasks are implemented. Northern Ireland will review these institutions to ensure compliance.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health has set up a taskforce that’ll review these religious institutions, hospitality locations, supermarkets, local sports programs, hairdressing salons, gyms, and mobile makeup artists. Any businesses not obeying these measures can be fined £10,000.00 or more under certain conditions.

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