Northern Ireland Coronavirus Outbreak Very Likely

Health officials in Northern Ireland are beginning to prepare for the worst, with the warning the public that a coronavirus outbreak is becoming very likely. This follows after fifty-two individuals in Northern Ireland have been tested for COVID-19, with it not being known the extent of contact they’ve had with other citizens. From these fifty-two individuals, only 10% were infected with the disease. Considering that most world governments are now informing citizens that this disease will become drastically worse before becoming better, it’s not surprising that Northern Ireland would issue similar warnings.

When speaking for the Trinity College in Dublin, Doctor Kim Roberts provided the public with some insight regarding the coronavirus’s arrival in Ireland. It should be noted that Roberts is the professor of microbiology and has extensive knowledge relating to viruses. She’s expressed that it’ll likely spread across Europe and then into Northern Ireland. Kim Roberts then provided insight on how these citizens can better protect themselves from going forward.

The Trinity College in Dublin has been extensively tracking the coronavirus. They’ve mentioned how it is becoming increasingly challenging to contain this disease, with the rate of infection doubling per day in various countries. Since most governments aren’t terminating international travel, Doctor Kim Roberts believes that this disease will begin to spread even faster through tourism.

The doctor officially stated: “There have been no cases so far in the UK that have been UK-to-UK contact. Everyone has either come from abroad or been in contact with someone who has returned. So it isn’t widespread yet, there’s no epidemic within the UK at the minute, but it is certainly likely to spread in the coming weeks and months.”

Doctor Broadbent from TCD

Another doctor from the Trinity College in Dublin spoke to Northern Ireland citizens. She expressed that they’ve done everything possible for the arrival of the coronavirus. The official statement reads: “Hopefully if containment measures stay in place, it will allow the NHS to treat any isolated cases coming through promptly. The only worry is if there is a huge influx in cases that we can’t treat hundreds or thousands of cases at once. But certainly, there have been procedures put in place and isolation pods set up in every hospital in the UK.” We will provide our Irish readers with updates regarding the spread of infection with the coronavirus.

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