Northern Ireland Aviation Industry Job Losses Begin

Six Hundred Positions with Bombardier Aerospace – Northern Ireland Division, have been terminated. This announcement was made directly by the aviation company, citing that this decision was forced by the logistical challenges associated with COVID-19. It’s brought upon challenges that Bombardier wasn’t expecting.

Internationally speaking, this aviation firm has terminated positions in all its operational countries. The nation worst affected is Canada, who lost 2500+ jobs for the again cited reasoning of logistical challenges—announcing that Northern Ireland would also be job losses dents their economic goals for 2020.

Details indicate that 400 Factory Workers that are deemed “Non-Essential” will be terminated. The remaining 200 Employed Personnel will be from the Corporate Division. It should be noted that this affects the Greater Belfast Region, with these civilians now being hard-pressed to locate another job in their industry.

Bombardier Aerospace provided a formal statement to those losing their positions in the next several days. Apologies were mentioned towards the impact this’ll bring onto Northern Ireland Families & their overall workforce. Sentiments would continue by noting that B.A. was forced into these circumstances because of the coronavirus, meaning their business operations had to be reformatted. Bombardier Aerospace would’ve ultimately entered bankruptcy otherwise.

The Northern Ireland Economic Minister was questioned on what she’ll do to assist these individuals that lost their jobs. Diane Dodd’s responded by indicating that education programs & financial aid will be provided to the terminated workforce at Bombardier Aerospace. This means that through government funding, individuals that cannot find another position in their industry within ninety days will be permitted training for a new career.

The Upcoming Challenges

The Aviation & Aerospace Industries are struggling tenfold because of COVID-19. Airliners that purchase contracts from firms like Bombardier Aerospace have dropped by 98.3% since March 2020. All corporations in this market space have worked towards eliminating costs & saving finances amid the pandemic. This includes Rolls Royce – Aerospace Division, which confirmed thousands of positions worldwide would be terminated. It’s not known if the Aviation Industry will recover from COVID-19 as they did during 9/11.

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