Never a dull moment at Dublin’s Temple Bar

One thing everyone agrees on that have had the pleasure of spending some time at The Temple bar is that it is always lively, there is simply no chance of a dull moment, which is the main reason why this is one of the most popular bars in Dublin. The Temple bar is basically situated near the River Liffey banks district, it is in the heart of the city, and with its bright colours, the pub attracts the attention of both locals and thousands of tourists. It is busy and one of the liveliest places in Dublin, while it has a reputation for offering the best oyster combos great with Guinness.

Whiskey Drinkers Haven Offers Over 450 Bottles of Scotch Bourbons & Irish Bourbons

Apart from its simply enthralling atmosphere, The Temple bar is not only the longest established but also the greatest gatherer of whiskeys. The extremely rare collection features whiskeys collected over decades, it includes some of the rarest from over the world, and it all really started when whiskey form a barrel where bottled in unique bottles each with their own label. Many come to enjoy the traditional feast of oysters served with Guinness, but if you really want to appreciate the experience in full, you should know the history of The Temple.

The Story Behind The Temple Bar in Dublin

The story takes you far back in time, as far as 1599, where you get to know more about the renowned philosopher and teacher, Sir William Temple who at the time entered the service of Ireland’s Lord Deputy. The tale then jumps to 1609, when Temple became Provost of Trinity College, Dublin as well as Master Chancery and moved to Ireland. Sir William Temple used the newly reclaimed land to build his home and garden on the corner of Temple Lane and named the street Temple Bar.

Jump to 1656, and it is Sir John Temple, the son of Sir William Temple that acquires more land, which enables the development of the area now known as the Temple Bar. But it is important to understand that in the seventeenth century Barr meant a raised estuary used to walk on. It evolved later into the through fare as it is today, connecting Westmoreland Street to the Fishamble Street.

Famous Days At The Most Famous Pub – The Temple

The most famous artists and bands in the world have entertained audiences form the stage of the Temple, but that is not all it is here where a Guinness World Record took place. Dave Browne, the guitarist, broke the Guinness World Record, in June 2011 he played for 114 consecutive hours, which was the Longest Marathon Playing the Guitar.

Entertainment also included the many Irish Legends from The Fureys to The Dubliners, and iconic ballads and songs have kept the crowd entertained for so many happy years. Some of the acts of amazing artist include Biffy Clyro, Paulo Nutini and Aloe Black.

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