Most Popular Irish Pub Drinking Games

To party like the Irish take more than skill, it is almost a form of art. Hence why not try out some of their greatest drinking games and give your party some added Irish vibe.

Power Hour Testing Your Durability

Power Hour is as simple as it can get, and it might end up being the only time you will be drinking for the entire evening. It does, however, allow for the level of difficulty to be adjusted to the “fitness” level of competitors. During Power Hour, the competitors each have to down either a beer or a shot every two minutes. This is where the difficulty can be adjusted to more extended periods. When you fall out of the competition, you will be served a punishment round, and the last competitor standing is the winner and exempt from buying any drinks for the remainder of the night.

Hot Potato

We all played the game of Hot Potato when we were young. Now the upgrade to passing on a potato until the music stops is available as a more grown-up version. You have guessed it correctly. This time it is a shot being passed around with the lucky holder downing the drink as the music stops. No winners or losers, only bucket loads of fun, which only ends when the bottle has no more to offer.

Irish Roulette, Whiskey and a Dice

This sounds like a perfect combination to have some severe drinking challenges. Two players compete with a couple of shots and a dice standing between them, taking turns on rolling the dice with the lowest scorer taking a chance. Best out of five and repeat until you can’t make out the numbers of the dice anymore. Then and only then it is time to quit. This game can be expanded to making up teams with more dices. The perfect structure for a couple of round robins until the final scores are set to determine the titleholder for the evening.

A Deck of Cards and Some Irish Poker

Simple rules to deliver easy fun. The dealer places four cards on the table, faces down. The player to his left starts with guessing whether the card is black or red. If guessed correctly, he can nominate anyone to drink for as long as the number on the map indicates. If he guessed wrong, then it is his turn to take a shot. The game can continue for as long as that the players will last.

Drinker vs Drinker in €2 Spin

Traditionally a €2 coin is used, but any currency will work. Two jugs or pitcher filled equally is provided, and while a third party spins the coin, the players must drink as much as they can until the currency stops and falls over. The one who drank the most is the winner. Have fun, share a drink and make it count.

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