Mixed Messages with Travel Restrictions

The Government of Ireland announced that lifting restrictions on international travel wouldn’t be considered until July 20th. Increased exposure of COVID-19 worldwide between July 7th to 20th will prompt Leo Varadkar to prolong these restrictions, ensuring the safety of Irish civilians. Challenges await the Irish Prime Minister after reports indicate tourists are traversing from England to Ireland via the Ferry. Nothing is being done to avoid these individuals crossing the English Channel, with both nations holding strong economic bonds. Deterring the Ireland Ferry from entering Great Britain could cause adverse effects onto this relationship.

Businesses operating in the tourist industry have expressed their concern about banned international travel. European nations are permitting an exclusive list of countries to enter their borders, allowing for economic trading & delegations to resume. Leo Varadkar indicated that an “Ireland Air Bridge” will require specialized agreements with a “Green List” of countries. Nations supporting high cases of COVID-19 won’t be permitted to enter Ireland, which extends to countries that aren’t testing for the virus properly. It’s for these reasons that Americans aren’t technically allowed to enter Ireland. Each one vacation in Irish Territories are breaking the law & can be imprisoned for prolonged periods.

Those wanting to traverse the scenic vistas of Ireland must first obtain permission from the government. Afterwards, fourteen days of self-isolation is required. COVID-19 Passenger Locator Forms must be filled out to ensure civilian compliance with these orders. Those not obeying these standards are returned home & possibly barred from entering Ireland for prolonged periods.

Biased Criticism for Prime Minister Varadkar

Travel Restriction Delays from Leo Varadkar follow after his Chief Medical Officer remarked concern for tourists leaving & entering Ireland. Re-infection could cause a 2nd wave of COVID-19, which would be deadlier and hardcore to overcome. This hasn’t stopped various groups in Ireland to ruthlessly criticize Leo Varadkar, like the Irish Travel Agents Association. They claim that Ireland’s Prime Minister continues to send mixed messages over what’s to come with tourism.

The Irish Travel Agents Association doesn’t maintain any foothold with the Ireland Government & their sentiments have gone unwarranted from Leo Varadkar. The Prime Minister is more concerned for the wellbeing of elderly & young civilians across Ireland.

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