Lockdown Restrictions Being Lifted in Northern Ireland

World governments have begun announcing lifted restrictions for the novel coronavirus, meaning civilians globally are getting their first chance to re-enter society after months of being indoors. The most recent government to make this announcement is Northern Ireland, who confirmed their plan would be similar to the United Kingdom and implement five stages. These stages will be based on the number of infections active in the Conservative nation. It was announced that the 1st stage would enable a maximum of six individuals to engage with one another outdoors, with social distancing measures being required.

This means friends will have to be two metres from one another. Additional social areas that are being permitted for reopening are churches, which will support exclusive private prayers with priests with face masks required. Outdoor masses will also be supported, with churchgoers needed to remain in their cars. Home & Garden Centres are also be allowed to start operations again after two months on hiatus.

The 2nd stage will support standard retailers, libraries, and museums to begin their operations again. Social distancing measures are still required during this process until Northern Ireland declares the COVID-19 pandemic over. It was also noted that Fitness Studios, Hair Salons, and Tattoo Parlours could not restart operations until the 4th stage. This stage will also allow Schools, and Educational Facilities to reopen. The 5th and final stage will enable Pubs, Restaurants, and Cafes to resume business per usual. Except the COVID-19 pandemic to be declared over after the 5th stage is completed.

The Northern Irish Government confirmed that Health Experts used scientific research to back these five stages, with the R-Value being implemented. It’s suspected that the same experts that assisted the United Kingdom also provided guidelines for Northern Ireland. These stages have been implemented after 438 Civilians passed away from the Virus, which is considerably lower than Great Britain.

The Unmentioned

It should be mentioned that Meat Production Faculties, Produce Factories, and Elderly Assisted Homes weren’t mentioned in these guidelines. It’s suspected that specific permissions will be implemented for these sectors. Northern Ireland won’t allow for standard visitations at Elderly Assisted Homes until a COVID-19 vaccine is provided to these individuals.

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