Lockdown Extended to May 5th in Ireland

The Coronavirus Lockdown Measures implemented throughout Ireland were extended on April 10th. The Prime Minister of Ireland mentioned that these restrictions would move forward until May 5th. Extensions were required to ensure the curbing of COVID-19. It follows after an increasing number of Irish citizens are becoming infected with the virus, with a percentage also dying from the infection.

The closure of Ireland Bars, Restaurants and Non-Essential Retail Locations will continue. Those requiring assistance with their travels have been informed to remain home, with all others told not to traverse an area more than 2km. Visiting family and friends has also been terminated during the lockdown extension, with potential fines or criminal charges being laid to individuals breaking this social distancing protocol.

Citizens in Ireland has signalled an impressive display of hope throughout their versatile communities. Chants from balconies can be heard, with Irish Folk Songs being sung for hours. This shows that the Irish people are resilient and following the required social distancing protocols. The Prime Minister of Ireland noted that this had become the most challenging time for their nation, that everyone will have to make differences in their life to preserve Ireland’s history. What matters most going forward is how the Irish Citizens act throughout the next three weeks. It’ll prove to be a critical moment during the first wave, with Ireland hoping their efforts will stop the chances of a second wave.

It should be mentioned that the confirmed number of COVID-19 cases in Ireland has reached 8,089 citizens. There have been 288+ deaths throughout the nation, accounting for less than 1% of their total population. Rate of Infection throughout Ireland has dropped significantly since last week, with the previous percentage being 15%. It lowered to 9% and is expected to decrease to 3% by April 30th.

Ireland’s Easter Weekend

Another concerning factor for Irish Medical Experts is the upcoming Easter Weekend. It’s a historic weekend for the citizens of Ireland. Specialists in the medical community noted that those breaking social distancing and travel restriction protocols would create a significant relapse for Ireland. It could see infection rates jump to 25% in several days.

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