Joe Biden Defends the Belfast Agreement

US Presidential Candidate, Joe Biden hasn’t forgotten the Belfast Agreement. Speaking through Twitter, Joe Biden warned the British Parliament that the Belfast Agreement could not become affected by Brexit. The potential president won’t permit a trade deal between Britain & America is the Belfast Agreement isn’t upheld. Joe Biden’s statements have increased pressure onto the British Parliament, which has threatened regularly to disband the Belfast Agreement.

Boris Johnson, the Prime Minister of Great Britain, wants domestic legislation signed that’ll override commitments made with the Belfast Agreement. Prime Minister Johnson believes that Terms & Conditions created during Britain’s European Union era can be disbanded. This would destroy domestic trade for Northern Ireland and allow Great Britain to earn higher GDPs. It’s Boris Johnson’s way of trying to gain additional funds to combat government loans being made during COVID-19. However, Joe Biden threatening to disband Britain’s trade agreement with America would drastically lower the UK’s GDP.

Presidential Candidate Joe Biden has reflected that casualties from Brexit cannot affect Northern Ireland. Under his leadership, continuing international trade with Britain is contingent on the Belfast Agreement being honoured. Biden reflects that by ensuring all three nations are protected, the return of hard borders for Ireland is avoided. Political analysts in Great Britain anticipate that Joe Biden’s intervention will put pressure onto Boris Johnson, who has received significant criticism over the controversial decision. The Prime Minister must determine if trading with America is more important than dishonouring the Belfast Agreement.

Potential Fallout

Boris Johnson can’t bet that Joe Biden won’t win the 2020 Presidential Election. He’s leading the poles & likely will become the 46th President of America. It comes after four years of Donald Trump, which has seen countless political travesties. Joe Biden leads the United States would be refreshing for the international stage, with political negotiations with America returning to normal.

Political analysts anticipate that Prime Minister Boris Johnson will stand behind President Donald Trump, and likely move forward with eliminating certain conditions of the Belfast Agreement. It could result in Northern Ireland exiting from Great Britain, similar to how the United Kingdom left the European Union.

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