Irish Women Saved After Being Lost at Sea

Galway Bay saw international headlines after two young women were located alive after being missing for sixteen hours. These girls found near Innis Oirr of the Aran Islands, which is considered the most eastern isle of the Irish archipelago. Both women went missing after paddleboarding in Galway Bay, nearby the coastline of Ireland. Aged 23 & 17, a fishing vessel located these young women three miles from Innis Oirr. It meant that they’d drifted substantially from their last known location.

Mike Swan, an Operations Manager for RNLI Galway, informed the media that these women were in good spirits after being rescued from a traumatic sixteen hours. After arriving back to the coastline, the “Irish Coast Guard – Helicopter Rescue 115 Unit” would take these woman via airlift to Galway Hospital. They’ll both go under medical examinations which won’t be made public information, including their identities for the time being.

The RNLI Galway Crew

Both women were located minutes before the RNLI Galway Crew were slated to begin lunchtime, which would’ve likely resulted in the fishermen missing both these women. Luck turned in-favour of these women & was seen after these rescuers started heading towards the lunch bay. Perfect timing resulted in their overnight ordeal ending.

RNLI Galway Crewmember Barry Heskin was interviewed on “RTE Radio”, where he’d note that both women were saved by their buoyancy aids & wet suits. Barry clarified that they would’ve likely died into the cooling waters overnight, not from frigid temperatures but pure exhaustion.

Facing Unsuspecting Odds

It’s suspected that these women had an overwhelming urge to survive during that evening. Galway Bay was particularly dark on August 12th, with heavy rains & thunderstorms threatening the oceanic waters. The attribute of survival was benefited with low wind speeds at 10KPH, and the water temperature wasn’t lower. The combination of these attributes enabled these young women to float in Galway Bay for sixteen hours, amongst the waves & horrifying oceanic thunderstorm.

Irish Citizens in Galway Bay proved themselves honourable, with the Coast Guard receiving assistance from dozens of local fishing vessels. An Open-to-Anyone Search Party ultimately saved these woman’s lives. It’s unguaranteed that Ireland’s Coast Guard would’ve recovered their unidentified missing woman before the ultimate cost was paid.

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