Irish Singer Adds Her Voice behind Women’s Soccer Wages

The Women’s Soccer World Cup is now a mere glorious memory. The celebratory fires are still burning, but the cloud which surrounded the entire tournament regarding pay scales are far from over. Now Irish singing sensation, Sinead O’Connor, had added her voice to those of many in the industry.

The Battle of the Sexes in Sport

We had the Matildas demanding their share, which they considered to be fair before the tournament. Then the voices of women all over the sporting world, especially in soccer, started to echo globally. Their concern was the significant pay gap between what men are getting paid versus what they are getting paid.

But it isn’t only the hourly pay rate which ruffles their feathers; it is also the significant gap in prize money offered by FIFA. The Matildas have been successful in getting the same hourly pay as their male counterparts, but they are still standing with the short end of the stick. They play about half the amount of matches which the men do and have smaller earning opportunity than the men.

FIFA is sticking with their defence, stating that prize money is based on revenue earned during the different games. They noted that women’s soccer generates far less than men’s soccer. Hence the major discrepancy.

US Women’s Soccer Demanding More

After winning the World Cup, the US Women’s Soccer Team has a much more stable foundation to stand on demanding increases. This is something which they will get now as national champions.

The US Women’s team is, however, also playing more games than the US men’s soccer teams and therefore generate more revenue for the federation. The men’s team are still earning higher wages and stand better chances of winning more significant prize money. This created an outcry in the soccer world for at least equal pay within the American soccer representative teams.

Megan Rapinoe & Sinead O’Connor

This situation set the grounds for a request from the star player of the US team to the federation to apply some of their good fortunes from the team’s success towards providing the necessary and well-deserved remuneration and facilities for the team. She is also fighting for better medical and travel investment towards the group.

An upgrade on their practising facilities is also on the lists of requests. This request from Rapinoe received some attention in the limelight, especially in New York. Irish singer Sinead O’Connor is now adding her voice via social media to their plight.

Sharing their concerns on her Twitter page and requesting that the inequality in national sports should be not only be attended to but also rectified for distant stars representing their countries on the international playground.

This came shortly after O’Connor was also in the limelight on social media regarding a video which she posted asking for help in her state of not being physically or emotionally well. It seems that she is back from what she calls hell and is planning on delivering greatness again.

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