Irish Cowboys Once the Fastest Guns in Town

Most of the new gamification online casinos utilise adventure themes. These often include island exploring. The wild west is another theme hugely favoured by online operators as well as casino gaming software developers.

Heated Arguments at the Tables

Some of the most popular slots include Arizona Treasures, Bandit Saloon, American Gold Rush, Cowboys and Cowboys Go West. In reality, some of the fastest guns in the west were the Irish-born cowboys. The Irishman Johnny Murphy was the first to make a statement, this was in 1882, straight after the James Leavy the notorious Irish gunfighter were murdered. David Gibson shotted leavy, William Moyer and Murphy followed heated arguments at the faro table in the saloon. All three were placed in the county jail although the trio managed to escape before the hearing.

Shooters and Gamblers in the Wild West

James Leavy, the Irish gunman, was described after his death and during his life as a fearless fighter. He is remembered as a cowboy that was a dangerous man. He was also recognised for his partnerships with Doc Holliday and Wyatt Earp and as a gunman and gambler one of the most feared.

Leavy did survive over sixteen shootouts, and for a legendary gunfighter in the old west it was not unusual, but no photograph exists of him. The details that are known about him as a gunman places him in the list of glorified gunfighters in Richard Maxwell Brown’s terms. Leavy’s early life was mystery riddled and his last name more than often misspelt as Levy. Born in Ireland in 1842 it is believed he was Catholic although no evidence is found. When he was a teenager, he travelled to find work in the gold mines of California — ventured to Nevada’s Lincoln Country when the news broke of the silver strikes in the 1860s. It is here where Leavy became an expert in gun handling and met Richard Moriarty another Irishman. Using the alias Morgan Courtney, this Irish gunfighter has a reputation as the most feared gunman at the time.

Hot-Tempered Drunk Gamblers in the Wild West

Leavy testified that Mike Casey, the prospector was the one to fire first in a shooting he witnessed, an angry Casey tracked him down and the two had a wild shootout. Casey was killed by Leavy and got shot through the jaw by the Arizona Territory lawman, Dave Neagle.

In the old west most, gambling establishments offered the game Faro, which involved one person as the dealer also called the banker and several punters. The game was played in around 15 minutes and provided great odds. A common problem was cheating by the dealer, and it often was the start of an argument that was solved by a shootout. James Leavy was attracted by the gambling centre Tuscan who was already a veteran in gambler Deadwood, Cheyenne and San Francisco. With the amount of gambling at the time, it was only a matter of time before hot-tempered drunk players would demand a duel due to crooked games and this time it was Murphy and Leavy.

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