Ireland’s World Cup History

Ireland jumped out of their blocks in full force when they annihilated Scotland during their opening match in Japan. Looking healthy and hopeful of taking the Webb Ellis to Irish soil. The Irish team has been present every single time during the eight World Cup tournaments but has never managed to get past the quarterfinals. Here is a quick peek into the Irish performance during this prestigious tournament.

The Years

  • 1987 – This is the first time that the World Cup was hosted and Ireland was defeated by Wales, which placed them as runner-ups within their pool. During the quarterfinals, the Wallabies overpowered them in Sydney, and they were knocked out of the tournament.
  • 1991 – Once again, Ireland gets defeated only once in their pool when playing against Scotland. Once again they met up with the Australians and once again they were the underdogs by merely one point.
  • 1995 – Hosted in South Africa and still losing once in their pool, this time around against the All Blacks. In the quarterfinals, they were sent home from Durban by the French team.
  • 1999 – By now this seems to be a fixed pattern for the Irish team to lose one match within their pool and this time around it was against the Wallabies. The tournament of 1999 included an exclusive system which entailed quarterfinal playoffs and Ireland took on Argentina which resulted in a devastating loss, and they didn’t make it to the quarterfinals this time around. This also meant that they didn’t have a secured spot for the 2003 RWC.
  • 2003 – Ireland managed to take victory over Georgia and Russia and went through to the World Cup as the number one team in Europe. In their pool, they were defeated by Australia. France ended their dreams of success in the quarterfinals.
  • 2007 – When they played their opening match against the worst-ranked team in the cup, Namibia, they managed a narrow victory of 32-17. During their clash with Georgia, they could only achieve a 14-10 success, which meant they didn’t earn any bonus points. When they played their last match in the pool against Argentina, they had to achieve four tries for a bonus point and stop their opposition of scoring any. Unfortunately, Ireland lost this clash 30-15, and for the first time in the history of Irish rugby they were out in the pool stages.
  • 2011 – On entering the tournament this year, they were carrying a heavy load of many defeats during the warm-up tests. When they played against the United States, they managed an unconvincing win without any bonus points. They managed to take victory over the then tri-nation champions, Australia, resulting in a 15-6 final score. They were finally at the top of their pool. Then their journey ended as Wales stopped them in their tracks at the quarterfinals.
  • 2015 – Now playing in Pool D, they managed not only to win all their games but also gained some bonus points. This brought them to the Pool C runner-up, Argentina. Who, regardless of a brilliant battle on their Irish side, took it from them with 43-20.
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