Ireland’s Top Three Historical Locations

Ireland is historically one of the most extensive countries worldwide. It holds significant pieces of history, including passage tombs that predate Stonehenge. There’s everything from Abbeys to Castles, with prehistoric monuments located country-wide. Included with these historical entities are legends and mythologies, which compiled more than five thousand years of human history. Below we have compiled the three best historical destinations maintained in Ireland for tourists to visit.

  • Rock of Cashel

The first is the Rock of Cashel, which is a ceremonial centre that’s used for the Kings of Munster. It compiled numerous turreted buildings, which oversee the Cormac Chapel and Church. This location predates to 1134, showcasing architecture that’s been lost for thousands of years. Countless other societies throughout time have located the Rock of Cashel and built their sanctuaries. Subsequently, there is a 15th Century Hall of the Vicars and a Gothic Cathedral from the 13th century.

  • Kilkenny Medieval Mile

The second-best destination for tourists is the Medieval Mile, which predates to the 13th century. It includes a castle with gothic elements, which is older than 800 years. There is also a cathedral from the 13th century and ancient buildings that go further back than the 10th century. These cobbled streets are infamous for its extensive amount of history. The most notable structures at the Kilkenny Medieval Mile include the St. Canice Cathedral, the Roth House, the ancient town hall, and the museum. When travelling to the museum, some of the most famous artefacts and artworks from the Kilkenny area are displayed to tourists.

  • Hillsborough Castle

The third and final most pivotal location for a tourist to visit is the Hillsborough Castle, which was the previous Royale Palace for Ireland. Today it remains apart of the British Royal Family, who visit it yearly whenever visiting the country. It’s 19km from Belfast and has undergone significant renovations throughout its history, with the most recent being in 2018. Visitors can experience guided tours, which showcase the various staterooms and the throne room. The Hillsborough Castle is still one of the most significant buildings for royalty worldwide, with the Queen annually holding events at this location. This includes Royal Weddings and Government affairs.

Final Thoughts

For those who want to experience Ireland with its rich culture, ancient architecture, and historic properties, these locations are the best destinations for you. Travelling to Medieval Mile and Rock of Cashel won’t cost any admission fees to visitors, with the only site requiring payment being Hillsborough Castle.

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