Ireland’s Second Lockdown Ending in Mid-December

Civilian personnel in Ireland have grown impatient & angered by the announcement that lockdown enforcement won’t end until December 15th to 31st. It means that hospitality venues, restaurants, and retail establishments selling alcohol won’t be permitted to resume operations for another month. For business owners, it’s a disappointing announcement that results in continued monetary losses & the likelihood of bankruptcy. Municipal councils in Ireland could’ve overturned the governments decision, with hope being lost once an announcement was made by Norther Ireland’s Prime Minister, indicating that all municipalities had agreed to the lockdown extension date. Non-essential business will remain closed until December 15th to 31st, with it initially being expected that reopening date would be November 27th.

Legislative orders initiated by government personnel are permitting “Unlicensed Cases” to remain open until November 23rd, where afterwards closure restrictions will be enforced. That wasn’t the exclusive exemption made from November 17th to 23rd, as driving instructions & hairdressing appointments were also permitted to continue operation. Closure for all these businesses will become a mandatory requirement on the 24th. Non-essential businesses continuing operation will receive fines, with multiple offences resulting in licenses being revoked for business owners.

The decision to implement an extended lockdown has been controversial throughout Northern Ireland. Civilian personnel have mentioned their disgust, noting that shopping for the Christmas holidays will become an impossible task. Online orders throughout Ireland are expected to increase exponentially, which will result in delayed shipping for thousands. The governments decision to extend the lockdown has prompted a likely saddening Christmas for thousands of children in Northern Ireland.

The Ignorance of Officials

Christmas service isn’t even being permitted, with funerals & weddings being allowed. Education facilities aren’t closing either & that’s the core element that’s angered civilians. It’s become known information that outbreaks worldwide are being sustained at higher volumes become children are returning to school. Legislative orders are being enacted by biased government officials who have the monetary means to provide their children with at-home education. Most in Ireland cannot say the same, forcing children to enter the public-school system during our world’s worst pandemic since the Spanish Flu.

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