Ireland’s Seaside Towns

There aren’t many countries that maintain the same level of beauty as Ireland. It’s been some time since we’ve discussed the local hotspots in Ireland, with this most recent list pertaining to the seaside towns that border the Atlantic. Below we have comprised the three top locations for locals or international travellers to visit. They include sites known for their incredible surfing, their beautiful ports and white sand beaches. Read below to find out what three Seaside Towns are best for your upcoming vacation in Ireland.


The 1st town on our list in Lahinch, which is an infamous destination for global surfers. The shape of its cover creates the perfect natural design for large waves to barrel towards the beach. This beach extends to 2km, with the sands being some of the softest in Ireland. Maintaining a light beige colour, the sands lead to Burren Falls. It’s one of the most photogenic and iconic towns offered to international travellers.

It should be noted that limestone from the glacial era creates a unique shape to Lahinch Cove. These limestone cliffs create blooming swirls of grey and black rock, which extend to the Cliffs of Moher. Both of which are awe-inspiring experiences that centre the Village of Doolin for any tourist requirements.


The 2nd location on our Seaside Town List is Westport, which is considered the cleanest and tidiest town across Ireland. Unfortunately, this location is small in size and requires extensive travelling from the capital. Location-wise, international travellers will traverse one of the most stunning landscapes and roads maintained worldwide, with panoramic views of the coastline a hand-lengths away.

It’s for these reasons that travelling is hazardous, with road conditions often being unfavourable with heightened tides. Regardless, reaching the destination of Westport Connemara is worth the trek. You enter an area with vast castles that govern over extensive landscapes. Those that travel to Connemara will receive traditional insight on how older generations of the Irish lived.


The 3rd and final Seaside Town for this list are Wexford, which is an infamous destination amongst the locals. Numerous children from multiple generations have played on the long-standing beach and swam in the local watering hole. Known by locals as the Blue Flag Beaches, it’s the location that was used by Steven Spielberg for Saving Private Ryan. It’s the largest beach in Ireland, allowing for plenty of space for thousands of families. However, it might be hard to get the war film out of your mind.

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