Ireland’s Food Tourism Industry Growing

The tourism industry in Ireland grows by an annual 6% every year, with hundreds of millions earned from oversea visitors. Throughout the last five years, the tourism market in Ireland has slightly changed. Instead of most visitors selecting hotels for their travelling accommodations, these oversea travellers have begun choosing Airbnb for their choice of stay. This is because numerous housing options are available, everything from a small cabin in Ireland’s rolling grass fields or a condo located in a high-rise in Dublin. Airbnb also allows for lower costs when travelling, with weekly stays costing €500 to €1000 less than at hotels.

This means that Ireland doesn’t make the same percentage of taxes from travellers. This doesn’t mean funds haven’t been boosted in other industries, with an estimated €212 million spent yearly at Irish Restaurants alone. The Irish Government earns annually €170 million in taxes from the funds spent by oversea travellers into the economy. This is a 31% increase compared to a decade ago.

The customer satisfaction with Airbnb is considerably better than what’s received at hotel chains. The international corporation guarantees its consumers a fantastic experience with local foods, daily excursions or regional entertainment. Subsequently, there is more versatility in how vacations can be approached. Through these suggestions, cities in Ireland like Dublin have earned €86 million in profits. On average, Dublin secures a 10% increase in earnings via its tourism industry. That’s even with the overwhelming majority of tourists choosing to travel outside the city.

The Data

The Irish Government has released public data regarding the tourism food industry. That report revealed that Airbnb Guests visiting Ireland spend 32% of their budget at restaurants or cafes. From that 32%, it was deduced that 50% of all visitors spend their food budget in their local area. The other half opt to select the countryside or small towns for their dining experiences. The overwhelming majority of those visiting Ireland through Airbnb recommend the local cafes and restaurants to future travellers. 93% is the average food rating for Ireland through Airbnb, prompting more people to discover the nations native food for themselves.

Globally, Ireland holds a small percentage of the total travellers using Airbnb. An average of €21 Billion is spent worldwide through Airbnb consumers on local restaurants and cafes. Subsequently, Ireland has roughly 1% of the total funds disbursed through the application. Ireland hopes to increase this number by re-investing the money earned through taxes into new tourism excursions and food destinations.

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