Ireland’s DPC Issues New Orders to Facebook

The Data Protection Commission of Ireland announced that they’d ordered Facebook to terminate transfers of user information. The IDPC issued the preliminary order after sources familiar to Facebook’s operations cited that user data from Europe is sent to America. It’s an action highly unwarranted by Ireland’s Parliament, feeling its falls under the jurisdiction of national security.

Intolerance is commonly associated with Facebook. CEO & Founder Mark Zuckerberg often disobey international protocols for internal benefits. This includes collecting user data from the European Union & transferring it to servers in the United States. When questioned by news sources like CNBC, the Facebook Company refused to provide insight into the situation.

Ireland’s Data Protection Commission issued the preliminary order after the European Union Court of Justice, determined that data transfers to America don’t protect the privacy of civilian personnel in Europe. Multiple nations have launches inquires into Facebook’s data transfer techniques since the EU Court of Justice’s decision.

Unsurprisingly, the EU Courts took this approach, with the United States also targeting Facebook for their abusive collection of user data. Mark Zuckerberg has continually disregard orders from nations outside of America and could find his platform being banned if adherence to international law isn’t respected.

Restrictions on European Data Transfers

The European Union Court of Justice is the highest legal authority for multiple nations, including Ireland. An order was initiated earlier in 2020 that determined European User Data cannot be sent to American servers. This followed after investigations concluded that EU Civilians could not challenge & contest surveillance from the American Government. However, EU Security Agencies have the power required to deter US Data Collected. It’s known that the NSA works alongside Facebook & Google in collecting international data from Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Australia.

Their collection efforts are considered corporate espionage by multiple nations, including Austria & Ireland. It’s known that Austria has backed the lawsuit of Max Scherms, a National Privacy Activist. This man issued a lawsuit against Facebook after revelations from Edward Snowden showed Facebook, Google, and multiple American companies are collecting data from European Citizens. All companies haven’t obeyed the “EU Privacy Shield Agreement”.

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