Ireland’s Biggest Sports Stars

Ireland is not a big country, yet it produced several top sports stars such as Rory McIlroy, Aiden McGeady, James O’Donoghue, Jonathan Sexton and Carl Frampton. These all feature on the list of the biggest stars in sports in Ireland and their success internationally are phenomenal.

Rory McIlroy

Rory Mcllroy is from Northern Ireland and participated for Ireland in the Olympics of 2016. McIlroy had quite a bad sports year in 2013 since he never won any tournaments, yet the thirteen competitions he entered got him on five occasions into the top 25. The lowest prize money he earned was in 2013 when he earned €862,177, the lowest since the year 2008.

In 2014 McIlroy was back on top of his game, ended his engagement to Wozniacki and focused entirely on golf. He won the BMW PGA Championship as well as The Open and due to this winning streak, McIlroy was described by newspapers as simply incredible.

Jonathan Sexton

Only a limited few backed the team from Ireland to actually win the Six Nations, those who did bet money on the game, placed their wagers on England. At the end, England scored 8 points and difference of +73, while Ireland had an 8 point different and a +83 points difference.

Newspapers afterwards published that although rugby is a team sport, they had no choice but to single out one particular player, this player was Jonathan Sexton who was deserving of the praise as he had the tournament many can only dream off in 2014 in the Six Nations. He went on to win the tournament and ended up as the winning joint with Mike Brown of England, both scored four.
Sexton ended the tournament with 66 points, which was half of the points earned by the Ireland team. Everyone hoped that he would be nominated the player of the tournament although that title went to Mike Brown.

Carl Frampton

Carl Frampton had the potential to become the biggest boxer of all times, the former world champion Barry McGuigan believed. Frampton had 19 fights and remained unbeaten, while fights ended in knock-outs totalled 13 before he became the world champion.
He went on to beat Kiko Martines in the IBF Super Bantamweight title and won the WBC belt. Under the guise of boxing, Carl Frampton has united both Southern and Northern Ireland and his closest friend and mentor are still McGuigan.

Aiden McGeady is most known as the Everton winger that is by far one of the most exciting and supported players to wear Irish Jersey. He enjoyed major success internationally and displayed great tactics during the games against Scotland and Poland. Thanks to the goal by John O’Shea, Ireland managed to score a historical point against the world champions, at the Euro in France. Irish fans have had many reasons to celebrate during the Euro 2016 and it could be heard all night long in pubs in Gelsenkirchen.

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