Ireland Unveils Road Map for National Reopening

The President of Ireland unveiled the five phases associated with lifting the COVID-19 Restrictions. When these protocols were released nationally, Leo Varadkar noted that these five stages would pave Ireland’s future to the new normal. Details in this announcement pointed out that each phase will be conducted over three weeks. This means a minimum of four months before Ireland returns fully to normal operations. Leo Varadkar noted that phasing into the new normal would be terminated if another outbreak occurs.

When addressing the people of Ireland, Leo Varadkar expressed that the Irish are being attacked mentally and physically by an invisible enemy. It was mentioned that their economy is being battered and society put onto its hinges, with the Irish people showing their strength in adversity with countless stories of overcoming recent hardships. Leo believes this is the real heart of Ireland.

Leo Varadkar Reborn

The Irish Prime Minister was infamously disliked before the novel coronavirus broke out worldwide. Leo Varadkar lost in the last general election, with him inevitably regaining his power after Parliament couldn’t elect a new premier. Varadkar will continue to remain as prime minister until the pandemic is over, upon which another general election will be held.

Voters have changed their mind over the last two months, with Leo obtaining notable popularity after handling the coronavirus pandemic will grace and strength. The Irish President even re-registered himself as a physician, working with local hospitals once per week until the epidemic is over. This follows after 1300 civilians in Ireland have died from the novel coronavirus, and 21+ thousand have been infected.

New Restrictions

The lockdown period in Ireland has begun entering its 1st phase, which allows for civilians to travel a maximum of five kilometres. This distance might seem small but is large in comparison to the previous 2km restriction. Leo Varadkar revealed that Hotels, Art Galleries, and Museums wouldn’t reopen until July 20th. Restaurants aren’t permitted to open until August 10th. Life won’t resume into full normalcy for Irish Civilians until late August. Upon which the winter season will be around the corner, which is when the next significant wave of COVID-19 is anticipated.

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