Ireland Unveils 1st Virtual Pub.

The coronavirus pandemic has prompted multiple industries to move over into the virtual space. This includes the sporting industry, with the National Hockey League and Major League Soccer both holding virtual eSport matches with notable athletes. The latest industry moving towards this environment is hospitality, which follows after Ireland entered a nationwide lockdown for a prolonged period. It prompted two professionals in the Hospitality Industry to create a virtual pub, with this online platform mimicking the experience of Irish Pubs.

These individuals have named their products “ThePub”, which implements the latest technologies with video conferencing. It’s enabling for Irish citizens to share drinks with their close friends & family from the comfort of their living room. Drinking isn’t the only activity available, with ThePub supporting bar games and live entertainment. This service will continue operating until the lockdown period is over, upon which these hospitality professionals will return to their respective jobs.

Irish Owned

One of the driving points behind “ThePub” is that it’s entirely Irish owned and doesn’t require any subscriptions. Registration is simple, with email and age required. Afterwards, those interested in this platform can select the public floor, which’ll see dozens of Irish citizens in one video conferencing room. There’s also the option for private tables. These hospitality agents don’t expect and don’t want their service to replace traditional pubs, with them merely hoping it’ll let locals pass the time while having a drink in a somewhat standard setting. It should be noted, there isn’t any way to get in trouble with this version of an Irish Pub and social distancing can quickly be enacted.

Announcements regarding the Live Entertainment hasn’t been revealed by “ThePub”. It’s expected that artists will be local and play for free, meaning the chances for a famous musician to make an appearance is unlikely. That doesn’t mean hearing some Irish folk songs and partying with these local artists won’t be enough, as this is a time-honoured tradition in Ireland. It should be mentioned that Quiz Nights and Themed Events will be offered with “MyPub”. The service is live and available to use today.

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