Ireland Reinstates COVID-19 Protocols Amid Spikes

Confirmed cases of the coronavirus are growing worldwide, forcing nations to reinstate their COVID-19 measures to protect large populations. This has applied to Ireland, which throughout the last two weeks has seen a notable spike in confirmed contractions of this deadly virus. Ireland’s Prime Minister has effectively reinstated “COVID-19 Social Distancing Protocols” onto all Irish civilians.

Businesses were informed that employed personnel are permitted & must work from home throughout the coming weeks. The Prime Minister of Ireland, Michael Martin, also enforced that outdoor gatherings have entered previous limitations. This means a maximum of fifteen civilians are permitted in the same location, with face masks & social distancing required, unless those individuals are within their “Social Bubble”. The Irish Government has also placed warnings throughout public transportation sectors, informing citizens that measures are law & fines can ensue if protocols are broken.

Michael Martin is enforcing the updated coronavirus measures until September 13th, meaning a month-long-period where civilians aren’t permitted the same freedoms gifted without an international pandemic influence. This won’t be challenging for the Irish people, who’d previously combatted the COVID-19 virus ferociously. Infection numbers for this nation were considerably lower than the United Kingdom, Canada, and the United States.

The Prime Minister of Ireland held a news conference for his people, where Michael Martin noted that the Irish hadn’t entered a stage where normalcy in society can be approached. He’d enforce that Ireland had entered another critical moment when outbreaks could turn into national epidemics, and than pandemics. Michael clarified that multiple clusters of COVID-19 had been seen throughout Ireland, extending to largescale corporations & the homes of Irish civilians. In efforts to combat a small wave of Anti-Mask & Anti-Protocol supporters, Prime Minister Michael Martin is giving law enforcement addition powers to enforce the protocols. Similar methods were used months ago amid Ireland’s initial outbreak of COVID-19.

Reintroduced protocols include:

  • Outdoor gatherings are limited to fifteen civilians.
  • Sporting events cannot allow for guests.
  • Restaurants will close by 11:30 PM until September 13th.
  • Indoor gatherings cannot exceed six people.
  • Elderly citizens have been requested to limit interactions.
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