Ireland Online Betting

Ireland is only one of the many countries in the world where online casinos is an ever-growing market. No surprises there, since Ireland has always been known for their love of playing along and placing their bets. This is done to such a degree that it is estimated that as much as 64% of the Irish folk are engaging in the form of gambling activity and even this number is continuously growing. The value one would attach to the amount spent on gambling every year exceeds €2.2 billion.

A Long History of Gambling

It was already in 1956 through the Gaming and Lotteries Act that casinos became a legal institution in the country. Then, long before most other countries, it was in 2001 that the Greyhound Racing Act legalized online casinos in Ireland. This opened up the market for the Irish to place their bets at internationally operated casinos.

It was only three years later in 2004 that the local Irish bookmakers entered the market with developing their betting sites and online casino games. Initially, the choices were quite limited for punters, but this developed into a much larger market and today punters can find mostly all games played in brick and mortar casinos, online as well. Not only did the options available to punters expand, but also the technology used was improved. This then brought punters to live dealers, creating the same kind of experience which they would expect at a casino, now available online.

Convenience and Ease

Online casinos have always proved itself to be a flourishing market in Ireland. The reason for this is the fact that it is incredibly convenient. Punters can engage with their favourite games while sitting at home or during their commute in the city; it is secure and always available. Even though the popularity of online casinos in Ireland is just overwhelming, it is still exceeded by the popularity of online sports betting though. Horse racing is by far the most common form of sports betting in Ireland.

A Future of Possibility and Further Growth

Paddy Power Betfair entered this market in 2015. Since then, they have grown into an international brand within the market. From the start, they have delivered magnificent figures with recording an impressive €1.5 billion revenue in their first year. Their success is nestled in the fact that they have achieved what the Irish want, mobile applications. Through this, Paddy Power has placed online betting and gambling in a different league for Ireland.

Some factors are contributing to the success of this ever-growing market, but mostly it is fuelled by the Irish love of placing bets. With the constant developments brought to them by online bookmakers, continually creating more ease, convenience and excitement, the market is bound to keep on growing. Hence it is easy to understand why the projections for revenue generated by the Irish online gambling industry is expected to exceed €7.5 billion by 2020. A bright future for Irish punters indeed.

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