Ireland Nearing Second Lockdown

Communities throughout Northern Ireland are facing notable challenges against the second wave of COVID-19. This nation was the best equipped previously in handling confirmed cases of the coronavirus. However, the 2nd wave is proving more challenging as medical experts predicted. Throughout August 27th to 28th, an additional eighty-nine Irish civilians were confirmed to have a positive contraction of COVID-19. There weren’t any reported deaths from the Department of Health, with real lives lost standing at 560 in Northern Ireland.

The Northern Ireland Department of Health provides locals with a “COVID-19 Infections Dashboard”, which shows where outbreaks are occurring & how many official diagnoses have been made. The dashboard reveals that throughout the last several days, 444 Northern Ireland citizens have contracted COVID-19. It places their total infection count since the pandemic began in January 2020 at 7138. Northern Ireland’s Department of Health mentioned that seventeen citizens remain in hospital, with two patients placed into an undesignated ICU. Those patients aren’t expected to live.

The statistics agency employed by the Northern Ireland Government released their weekly update on COVID-19 deaths, which highly outweighs the figures issued by the Department of Health. NISRA indicated that 871 deaths related to COVID-19 were found in several days. Considering that NISRA obtains data linked to coronavirus deaths & confirmed infections, it’s likely their statistical analysis is correct. The Department of Health didn’t respond to the statistics shown by NISRA, focusing on the infection counts seen in Northern Ireland.

Outbreak Areas

The Department of Health in North Ireland clarified that 222+ thousand civilians had been tested for COVID-19 since the 2nd outbreak of this virus was found. Between August 28th to 29th, more than four thousand citizens have been tested in outbreak regions. It should be noted that there are fifteen active outbreaks of COVID-19 in Northern Ireland. However, that’s considerably lower than the infection regions seen earlier this week. Several days ago, there were more than 180 outbreaks of COVID-19.

In comparison, the Republic of Ireland has reported higher numbers. One hundred forty-two new cases of COVID-19 were recorded on August 28th. It brought their total death toll to 1777, more than double than what’s been seen in Northern Ireland.

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