Ireland Nearing Second COVID-19 Outbreak

The re-emergence of coronavirus in numerous countries that had overcome the pandemic is beginning, with one nation being Ireland. Health authorities in Ireland announced that eight-five new infections of COVID-19 had been confirmed, with an additional death occurring. This marks the highest number of infections seen in Ireland for several weeks, with the Republic now determining what steps are required to move forward & reach numbers closer to zero than one hundred.

The Chief Medical Doctor of Ireland, Ronan Glynn make the confirmation of infections. He emphasized that eight-five new cases showcased how promptly coronavirus can remerge worldwide. Ireland, with their additional COVID-19 death, now stands at a total of 1783. Doctor Glynn mentioned that the Republic’s response moving forward is crucial, creating a point that can return to a lower number or see a secondary outbreak.

Ronan Glynn stated that Irish civilians must avoid large crowds over the next several days, while also committing to social distancing & face masks. The recommendation of regular hand washing was also suggested by Ireland’s Chief Medical Doctor, noting that nobody is immune from this highly infectious virus.

Specific health experts have noted they’re unsurprised reaction towards the increased infections in Ireland. Easing COVID-19 Lockdown Protocols by May 1st created a potential secondary wave. This has been similar worldwide, with reopening economies proving impossible. Those in favour of continued economic operations remark that small percentages of infections are seen with the overall population, typically not surpassing 5%.

These individuals don’t believe that percentages are high enough to induce a secondary lockdown. However, increased infections in Ireland & other nations that have reopened their economies can prompt higher percentages. This has been seen throughout Ireland, Brazil, and Portugal.


The National Public Emergency Team of Ireland provided their civilians with a detailed breakdown of clustered infections. This is allowing the Irish people to avoid certain areas that are deemed unsafe. Those locations include County Kildare, which has 26 confirmed infections of COVID-19. County Dublin is listed at 18 infections, while County Clare is supporting eleven confirmed cases of coronavirus. County Laois announced nine infections throughout their region, and County Limerick confirmed several instances of COVID-19. County Meath had the lowest rate at four virus confirmations.

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