Ireland is the Territory of Game of Thrones

Northern Ireland’s ancient landscapes and crumbling castles got new life since the filming of Game of Thrones. The mountains, forests and moorlands around Northern Ireland were transformed into the place where the most memorable moments were filmed for Game of Thrones. It was in the Forbidden Forest where Littlefinger and Sansa journeyed, Tyrion and Jorah set sail. The Haunted Forest is Tollymore Forest Park where the white walkers started their march across the 600 hectares of ancient woods and stone arches reminding everyone of the18th-century estates.


The seven kingdom castles in the fantasy series is that in Northern Ireland, most date back to medieval times. The structures are perfect for the images fans now sees as Westeros where the Lannister’s shared their blood. Some of the castles such as Shane’s Castle in Antrim is not yet open to the public, the grounds and the castle are spectacular and it is here where Tyrion sets sail and Jorah steals the boat.

Westeros feels like a whole different world, although for the seven kingdoms, it is authentic. It is one of the most dramatic landscapes in the series and fans can find it in Northern Ireland. The Ulster Museum is where the unique tapestry of Game of Thrones can be found. It ensured that this museum became one of the most visited locations due to the Game of Thrones Tapestry. This is where Theon arrives to try and find an alliance with Balon. Boatmen and fishers still use this spot. It is where Yara watches as Theon was baptised.

Westeros feels like a whole different world, although, for the seven kingdoms, it is authentic. It is one of the most dramatic landscapes in the series and fans can find it in Northern Ireland. Towering cliffs, dark forests, ancient lands and majestic ruins are all part of Northern Ireland, which made it the perfect location for the biggest ever phenomenon on television.

The Odds keep Changing.

But if you still hope the final will have a happy ending, most say you have not paid attention during the previous seven seasons. When it comes to the survival of Jon Snow, the odds are -800 while those who believe he will not have much better odds at +500.

How Will Daenerys Die

A new list of betting options are now on how Daenerys will end, 66/1 is fire, 22/1 poison, 201/1 physical force, 16/1 arrow, 10/1 taking own life, 10/1 hanging, 8/1 axe and that Daenerys will survive is 3/1.

Who Will Have the Last Say

There is also the odds on who will have the last say; these include odds of 20/1 that it will be Bronn, 14/1 Arya Stark, 10/1 Sansa Stark, 2/1 Jon Snow, 5/1 Bran Stark, 12/1 Daenerys Targaryen, 2/1 Tyrion Lannister and 1/1 Samwell Tarly. The odds for Grey Worm perishing in the final episode is +200 for yes and -300 for No.

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