Ireland Informs Civilians to Avoid Green List Countries

Travelling in 2020 is impossible under the pandemic conditions associated with COVID-19. Multiple nations are determining which countries are suitable for travel purposes, ensuring that increased infections are brought back home. Civilians in Ireland had anticipated their “Green List for Travelling” would be released by July 20th. Government personnel informed their population that the date had been postponed, with politicians continuing delegations to guarantee safety abroad. Discussions continue to ensure civilians don’t have to quarantine for two weeks upon their arrival back home.

Inside government sources iterate that six nations are being permitted under the green list, which has upset travellers in Ireland that’d been planning for destinations that’ll most likely not be accepted. Their sadness is immeasurable when comparing the loss of life from COVID-19, prompting politicians to disregard naysayers that believe foreign travel should be fully supported.

Taoiseach Michael Martin doesn’t find travelling conditions ideal for his citizens. Ireland’s equivalent of a President is struggling to maintain balance in parliament. Certain politicians have requested that the resumption of travel be permitted, with the overwhelming majority urging their constituents to remain within their national borders this year. Political activists in Ireland supporting coronavirus restrictions have educated naysayers through social media, informing those citizens that an outbreak can occur abroad at any moment.

Excluded Nations

Irish Medical Experts have publicly discussed the issue of international travel. Data indicated that the European Union is experiencing a continually changing battlefront with COVID-19, meaning that nations are supporting minimal infections, but weeks later have significant outbreaks. Concerns from Irish Medical Experts identify that Spain could experience this pattern of infection, prompting most likely for Taoiseach Michael Martin to exclude Ireland’s most popular tourist destination. Substantial portions of Irish tourists will find themselves remaining home for 2020s summer if Spain is eliminated.

Inside government sources also suggest that Great Britain, the United States, and Portugal could also find themselves excluded from the Green List. It could result in political turmoil for Taoiseach Michael Martin. However, the safety of his people is more important that political relationships. It’s unknown when the Irish Government will release its Green List for the 2020 summer holiday season.

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