Ireland Government Terminates Phase Four of Lifted Restrictions

The Republic of Ireland announced that they’re not moving forward with the launch of “Phase Four – Coronavirus Roadmap”. The 4th phase would’ve allowed an influx of businesses to resume their operations. However, government concerns regarding a secondary outbreak of COVID-19 have grown since July 10th. New deaths & confirmed infections have forced Ireland’s Taoiseach to keep lockdown measures in the 3rd phase.

Ireland’s Taoiseach issues a formal statement to his people, indicating that the coronavirus hasn’t changed its indiscriminate nature of cruelty & relentless infections. Sentiments continued by noting politicians & health experts alike both are concerned with the confirmed cases of coronavirus seen since last weekend. Details pointed out that the R-COVID Number surpassed level one earlier this week on July 13th. Taoiseach Michael Martin reflected that when reviewing the international situation surrounding coronavirus, it’s better to ask pre-emptily than later.

Michael Martin announced that the Republic of Ireland Cabinet concurred with medical experts on the cancellation of Phase Four. Statements iterated that additional phases could be revoked if infections are increased over the following several days. Below are the five primary conditions that Irish civilians must obey until the 4th phase is re-announced.

  • Facemasks/Protective Personal Equipment must be worn in retail settings, shopping centres, and local shops. This applies to both customers & employed personnel. An additional two metres must be sustained whenever possible to limit the spread of coronavirus.
  • Casinos, Nightclubs, Hotel Bars, and Pubs will remain shutdown until August 10th. Special permission provided to restaurants that don’t serve alcohol.
  • Advisements that Socially Distanced Bubbles cannot exceed ten people, with a maximum of four households supported. Those same individuals can engage within the exclusivity of those ten.
  • Indoor gatherings aren’t to exceed fifty people, with outdoor gatherings permitted a maximum of two hundred civilians. This applies until August 10th.

August 10th will mark the date when Taoiseach Michael Martin will review COVID-19 Lockdown Measures. If pandemic conditions are less than suitable, timeframes will remain in effect until September 10th. This will repeat continually until no infections & deaths are recorded in Ireland. That won’t likely happen until a vaccine is released to Irish citizens.

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