Ireland Goes Dark Amidst Lockdown

Public Spaces usually held for mass gatherings in Ireland have become deserted. This follows after both governments in Ireland implemented social distancing measures, with citizens providing overwhelming support for strict protocols to curve the COVID-19 Pandemic. It’s seen individuals not obeying the social distancing measures being arrested. Law enforcement and select individuals allowed to traverse the city expressed that urban areas had become ghost towns, with these measures implemented until April 12th.

Individuals in the government were pleased with the social distancing response. A large percentage of the population abided by these protocols, limiting themselves to travelling for the absolute requirements of groceries. This extends towards the essential job requirements throughout Ireland, which include running necessities for infrastructure. This means running water and electricity. It should be noted that those not falling under the essential category will be arrested for six months and fined €2,500.00 for not committing to social distancing.

Community spirit throughout Ireland has allowed for nation-wide compliance. There have been numerous videos that have surfaced, showing the Irish people helping their fellow man and woman. This extends towards younger citizens assisting the elderly by bringing groceries to their front doorstep. The nation of Ireland is known for coming together in times of need, showing that it’s a country of community.

There have even been people creating signs to remind individuals to stay home and not group together. These signs can be seen outside people’s homes, closed businesses and entertainment facilities. Notable celebrities from Ireland have continually expressed to their people to remain home, with one of these individuals being Conor McGregor. It prompted the entire country to provide their vote on an opinion poll, which showed 97% of Ireland agreed with the government’s decisions.

The Infections

Northern Ireland and Southern Ireland have seen limited cases of infected citizens because of their social distancing measures. Their total is 410 infected, with a total of twenty-one deaths. Comparing those numbers to other nations, those valuations are low. The Irish Government’s have thanked their people for the incredible efforts displayed. It should be noted that politicians have already confirmed additional measures will be taken if infections are to rise. Considering that Ireland just passed the two-week “Infection Zone” period, there are minimal chances of this happening going forward.

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