Ireland Faces Storm Aiden on Halloween

Violent storms are expected for Northern Ireland on October 31st, eliminating any opportunity for Halloween to be sustained in 2020. Chances were pre-emptively low with the Northern Ireland Government enforcing a second lockdown. Those found Trick or Treating during Halloween would’ve faced notable fines from local law enforcement. Anyone foolish enough to risk their children Trick or Treating will face financial penalties, while also sustaining hurricane-level winds. It’s expected that inland windspeeds will vary from 80km to 96km/per hour, with coastal regions anticipating speeds of 110km/per hour.

The Northern Ireland Meteorology Office announced a nationwide yellow warning, which is being sustained from 2 am on October 30th to 9 pm on October 31st. It’s prompted the Northern Ireland Department of Infrastructure to confirm that flooding will occur nationwide, with multiple trees expected to limit driving on November 1st. It was noted that working crews are assessing storm-related damage to local roads. However, caution is being exercised for civilians needing to traverse on the 31st. Storm debris is expected regularly & will cause numerous accidents if drivers are seen in large numbers.

Multiple aspects regarding everyday living have been eliminated for Storm Aiden. TransLink Europe confirmed that railway services are being disrupted & delayed following the unexpected weather. Foyle Bridge in London-Derry shut down their services for two days, which resulted from windspeeds reaching 85km/h in their region. The Department of Infrastructure confirmed that multiple housing services would be affected, including Internet & Hydro. It’s also been recommended that civilians don’t attend nature reserves, country parks, or forested areas. There are also recommendations to avoid coastal areas from the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, who confirmed they’d be unable to provide services to nearby shipping vessels during the storm.

Police Warnings

It’s been confirmed that 4400+ business & homes have been affected by Storm Aiden, with Hydro being lost since 3 am or later. It’s prompted law enforcement in Northern Ireland to appeal towards the public, requesting they exercise caution & avoid any Halloween-related activities. Police enforced that pedestrians, cyclists, motorcyclists, and high-sided vehicles will be ticketed if found travelling during Storm Aiden. This matter is meant to be taken seriously for damages after Storm Aiden will be severe, and law enforcement hope to avoid loss of life.

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