Ireland Enters Two Week Lockdown

Updated restrictions have been implemented throughout Ireland. This follows after the Irish government determined that an enforced lockdown is necessary to ensure the safety of citizens. Implementing this lockdown will limit the spreading of Covid-19, recommending that starting March 27th at Midnight, don’t leave your house unless for the absolute requirements. Shopping for groceries will be limited to locations within 2km from an Irish citizen home. This announcement was made through a television address at the Dublin Government Buildings. The period for lockdown will be sustained until April 12th, where government and medical officials will review the Covid-19 pandemic across Ireland. Lockdowns could be increased if spreading isn’t limited.

The televised announcement expressed that private and public gatherings are banned. Visiting hospitals and prisons have also been prohibited going forward. There’ll be minimal exceptions based on Compassionate Grounds, meaning potential deaths in these hospitals or prisons. Irish Government Officials noted that citizens aged over seventy aren’t to leave their homes under any conditions, as this group is most at risk with Covid-19.

Additional lockdown guidelines were announced for the Irish Farming Community, noting that essential labours cannot be accomplished for these two weeks. Necessary work is permitted for the medical community, allowing travel restrictions to be lifted to nurses and doctors. This extends to NHS-Certified Volunteers. When reading this address, President Varadkar expressed that he’s appealing to every citizen in Ireland to make these sacrifices. Show your love by staying home and not engaging with locals.

Similar to the UK

These announced lockdown measures follow recommendations listed with the United Kingdom. Gradual shutdowns throughout Great Britain began on March 13th, with enforcement officers ensuring that private gatherings and public venues aren’t being constructed. It should be noted that twenty-two citizens in Ireland have died from Covid-19, with an additional 300+ being confirmed with this infectious virus.

More than 2+ thousand across Ireland are infected with Covid-19. It’s a lower total than medical experts had anticipated, but those valuations are expected to increase throughout the weekend. These lockdown measures are a final ploy by Ireland’s government to ensure that more cases are spread over the next two weeks. They’d like to become an operational country again by April 31st, which is continuously seeming less accomplishable.

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