Ireland Enters Stage Five Lockdown

Restrictions on civilian personnel in Ireland has increased, with Taoiseach Michael Martin announcing that parliament has implemented Level Five Measures. It’s the highest-rated lockdown stage available to government leaders, guarantying outbreaks can begin diminishing nationwide. Taoiseach Michael Martin addressed his population on December 29th, confirming the latest surges have resulted in immediate action. Thirty days will encapsulate L5s lockdown measures in Ireland, with the Taoiseach informing parents that children cannot attend educational facilities until January 11th. Revisement strategies will be announced on the 11th to direct parents on how schools will operate until January 29th. Notified measures clarified that childcare facilities aren’t shutting down.

Restrictions announced by Taoiseach Michael Martin are outweighed by children being permitted into caring facilities. Restrictions like banning civilians from household visits & not visiting retail shops located further than 5km from their home. Childcare facilities are standardly operated by housewives in Ireland, meaning household visits amongst acquaintances & strangers will regularly be sustained.

Taoiseach Michael Martin announced in his public address that sporting facilities must close immediately. Exemptions were again made for the “Gaelic Games” in Ireland, an event which sees multiple athletes nationwide come together for competition. Professional franchises operations in Ireland are exempted from these measures as well. It means that unless Irish civilians receive salaries for their skillsets, sports aren’t permitted.

Nationwide Backlash

Reactions from the population haven’t been positive. Civilians are requesting explanations to why sporting franchises can support twenty or more players, but Weddings cannot exceed six guests. Funerals are restricted to ten visitors. Those restrictions apply to all Irish civilians, with the elite not receiving exemptions under these circumstances.

When questioned about the hypocritical policies being enacted, Taoiseach Michael Martin avoiding answering by reverting conversations to the severity of Ireland’s recent outbreak. That’s been a conventional method employed by leaders worldwide, with their answers to supporting the elite over standard civilians likely being inexcusable & prompting nationwide rage. Analysts anticipate that the Irish People won’t follow Level Five Measures until everyone is forced under identical restrictions.

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