Ireland COVID Tracking App Installed by 1 Million Citizens

The Government of Ireland has worked tirelessly towards a COVID-19 Tracking Application. Development began in May 2020, finalizing its production by the end of June. Since being released to the Irish population on July 7th, more than one million citizens have installed the application to their mobile handset in 24 hours. This information was provided directly from the Ireland Department of Health.

The Chief-in-Command for Ireland’s Department of Health detailed what’s possible with their COVID-19 Tracking Application. He emphasized that installing their government-enabled app won’t make civilians immune from COVID-19 but will drastically reduce the risks associated with entering public gatherings. Having such an influx of installations within 24 Hours is something that Paul Reid is incredibly proud of, showing how the Ireland population continually supports deterring COVID-19 from their borders.

Those installing this application receive notifications when someone infected with the virus, or someone who came close with a carrier of COVID-19 is nearby. This allows local populations to leave that respective area & locate a safer part of London to complete their errands. The Chief Medical Officer of Ireland also provided his thoughts on the launch. Doctor Ronan Glynn mentioned that the rate of the installation shows the collective spirit of Ireland points towards the solidarity of COVID-19. It shows that the public response to this virus is similar to medical experts, unlike other nations like America & the United Kingdom.

Sentiments from Doctor Ronan Glynn remarked the importance of downloading the COVID-19 Tracking Application. It’ll create a regional ecosystem that allows hotspots to be avoided, which wasn’t possible until July 7th. Communities supporting high infections can be closed off amongst the public, with civilian populations able to assess conditions themselves. Ronan Glynn finished his remarks by indicating the entire population must install the COVID-19 tracking application to meet its full rate of the effect.

Remaining Cases of COVID-19 in Ireland

Active cases of the novel coronavirus throughout Ireland have dropped significantly. There are twelve confirmed infections in Irish Hospitals, with eleven additional civilians contracting the virus. This means there are less than 25 active cases of COVID-19 in Ireland. Their total number of confirmed infections throughout the pandemic lockdown in 25,542.

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