Ireland Believes Ferrari is the Team to Beat This Year

Ireland loves Formula One racing and believes that even when Lewis Hamilton keeps saying this would be his sixth world title, that he will have to face significant challenges. The 34-year star previously from Mercedes is hoping to win and move one crown away from his all-time hero Michael Schumacher.

Sebastian Vettel of Ferrari

Sebastian Vettel is the driver expected to challenge all this season as he drives for Ferrari and Max Verstappen says he will give Hamilton a run for his money in his Red Bull car. The 2019 F1 racing season promises to be one of the most exciting and fans have 21 races to enjoy.

The first race of 2019 was the Australian Grand Prix on the 17th of March, with the second in Bahrain on the 31st of March. This year the third race was the Chinese Grand Prix on the 14th of April, followed by the next on the 28th, which was the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. The two races in May included the Spanish Grand Prix on the 12th and Monaco Grand Prix on the 26th.

Grand Prix Racing in June 2019

June is a busy month for Grand Prix, and the first race takes place on the 9th of June, which is the Canadian Grand Prix, on the 23rd of June it is the French Grand Prix and on the 30th of June the Austrian Grand Prix.

Two Grand Prix Races in July 2019

The Formula One racers visit two new tracks in July and races includes the British Grand Prix on the 14th of July and then the German Grand Prix on the 28th of July.

Only One Grand Prix Race in August

The only race taking place in August this year is the Hungarian Grand Prix scheduled for the 4th of August, and then fans need to wait for the four runs in September.

Four Grand Prix Races in September

This year September is the busiest month in Formula One, and the Belgian Grand Prix takes place on the 1st, on the 8th of September it is the Italian Grand Prix. On the 22nd fans get to enjoy high-paced racing action taking place at the Singapore Grand Prix, and on the 29th it is the Russian Grand Prix.

Formula One Racing in October

October Grand Prix racing includes two races. These are the Japanese Grand Prix on the 13th of October and the Mexican Grand Prix on the 27th of October.

Last Three Races of the Year

The last three races of the Formula One takes place on the 3rd of November, which is the United States Grand Prix, the second latest is on the 17th of November which is the Brazilian Grand Prix, and the last is the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix on the 1st of December. The Irish fans have high hopes for Ferrari, and the drivers include Charles Leclerc that is contracted to the team until the end of the 2019 season and Sebastian Vettel contracted until the end of the 2020 season.

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